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Marketing They Can’t Ignore: Messages On Hold

Julie Cook, President of Easy On Hold

Article by Easy On Hold President Julie Cook Why On Hold Messaging Is Working Better Than Ever Let me share with you some thoughts about why Easy On Hold is growing in popularity, and why on hold messaging deserves a piece of your marketing budget. A recent article in Harvard Business Review provides excellent insight […]

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How To Impact Customer Relationships With Social Media And Messages On Hold


So you’re asking everyone to ‘Like’ You on Facebook, right? You’re tweeting, you’re connecting on LinkedIn, blogging on WordPress, snapping photos with Instagram, and loading videos on your own YouTube and Vimeo channels. After all, a high profile on the Internet will help deliver more web traffic, more phone calls, more referrals–and that means more […]


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Family Minivan Doesn’t Deliver Like It Used To: Like Your Old On Hold Message


Guest article by Julie Cook Old Minivan Like Your Old On Hold Message Her time has come: Our minivan is getting the boot this month. For several years, she’s been there for nearly everything in our family’s lives: school carpools, sports events, road trips, endless Home Depot hauls, and trips to the vet. But she’s […]

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