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How On Hold Systems Work With Your Phones

Put Hold Messages On Your PBX, VOIP or 2-To-4-Line Phones

PBX/Key Systems

A PBX or Key system is a telephone system that brings wires from all phone extentions in the building to one central control box. Learn how to integrate music on hold on a PBX/Key phone system.

How MOH works with PBX
VOIP Phones

VOIP phone systems ("cloud" "virtual" or "IP") are internet phones. Many VOIP systems do not allow the use an external on hold message player. Find out about the right kind of audio file formats, .wav, .mp3, .vox, uLaw, aLaw or other file type necessary.

How MOH works with VOIP
2-4 Line Phones

If you aren't using a phone "system" but simply plugging a 1, 2 or 4 line phone directly to a phone company jack, you may need a music on hold adapter. Use our online tool for finding the right adapter for your phone.

How MOH works with 2/4-Line Phones

Get the right on hold system for your phones

To make sure you're getting the right music on hold solution, it's helpful to know a little bit about your phone system. Easy On Hold can help.

It may seem complicated, but actually, there are only a few scenarios possible. Once we get basic information about your phone system, we can recommend the right music on hold system that will keep callers on the line and interested in what you have to say.

Simple on hold messaging equipment available

Hold music players and equipment have evolved from clunky cassette tape machines to smaller, simplified digital audio players that make phone on hold easy. After working with many different manufacturers and testing many players, our engineering team can confidently recommend a music on hold device that will provide quality sound, nonstop, on your phone hold button. We provide internet-connected on hold messages players, as well as a professional .mp3 hold music and messages player.

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