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Dental Practice Marketing: Online and On Hold

Online Marketing for Dentists, Orthodontists, by Sesame Communications

Online Marketing for Dentists, Orthodontists, by Sesame CommunicationsDental Practices Embrace Online and On Hold Marketing

Let’s say you need a dentist. Naturally you go online and do a search. You check reviews and ratings of dentists in your area. You find a dentist with good recommendations, automated appointment reminders, online bill pay and on top of that, there’s a fun contest with prizes! You call the office at a busy time of day and are placed on hold. While you wait, there a warm greeting and an update about the contest on Facebook, reminding you to “friend” the office to stay in the loop. “This office has their act together,” you think. And you’re right.

What made all this possible was a clever dental practice management software company: Sesame Communications, an organization that helps dental care providers harness the power of the Internet in the areas of digital marketing and patient engagement. The company supports thousands of practices, helping them grow and increase profitability in the digital age. Why not use an expert in dental practice marketing?



365 Days of Dental Facebook Posts 

Rachel Mele, Sesame CommunicationsTuesday, October 14th, 2014 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM PDT with Rachel Mele, Sesame Communications

Click here to register now.  Attendance is limited.

In this one-hour webinar, you will learn what to say and when to say it on Facebook, how to get patients and prospective patients to comment on your Facebook posts and how to implement office protocol to ensure Facebook stays up-to-date. Participants will receive a copy of 365 actual Facebook Posts—one for every day of the year. Your Facebook posts can serve double-duty as message on hold content, too, so join me as we learn how the dental marketing pros bring fresh ideas to your Facebook marketing, your on hold messaging—and most importantly, your patients!


Dental Practice Marketing: Meet Sesame Communications, a new Easy On Hold partner.

Easy On Hold has teamed up with Sesame Communications to provide the caller on hold experience marketing piece for dental practices. “The on hold experience can really tie the marketing pieces together,” says Easy On Hold President Julie Cook in making the announcement in September, 2014. “I’ve been extremely impressed with Sesame Communications and the amazing professional services they offer,” she said.

Rachel Mele, Sesame Communications Director of Business Development stresses that there’s more to dental practice marketing than streamlining patient acquisition. “Sesame has the tools that result in a loyal patient community that keep appointments, pay bills faster, and refer friends and family. Ultimately, this provides freedom for doctors and their teams to spend more time caring for the patients in the office.”

Tips For Dental Practice Marketing

  • Improve web design to work with mobile devices.  A new report from CNN shows that mobile browsing has now exceeded desktop browsing. More people search on their smartphones than their desktop computers. But if you’re thinking “I need a mobile version of my website,” you’re already behind. The new best practice for web design is called responsive. That’s the ability of a single website to shrink and grow to the appropriate size and layout for whatever sized viewing screen is being used. Today, Google recommends responsively designed website.
  • Integrate online bill pay. Sesame Communications provides patients with a payment reminder, resulting in 54% of online payments being made within 48 hours.
  • Optimize website for search results.
    97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. 75% of users never scroll past the first page of results. No one has a foolproof formula for top search engine ranking, but the good news is the battle for top placement can be won using updated industry standard practices.
  • Get social. 78% of small businesses attract new customers through social media. More social and marketing statistics.
  • Get listed on Healthgrades. Healthgrades is a website that provides information on over 3 million U.S. health care providers. On 20,000,000 annual searches are conducted for dental care providers each year.

 Learn more about what Sesame Communications can do.

  • Dental Sesame or Ortho Sesame—A patient engagement system that arms practices with automated reminders to reach every patient, a secure patient portal accessible from your website that is optimized for use on smartphones and tablets, online financial reminders, online bill pay, post-appointment surveys that can be used for review syndication, recall reminders, customizable email templates, and much more. It also integrates with their PMS and imaging systems.
  • Healthgrades Enhanced Profiles from Sesame—Gives practices Featured Provider placement on, automatically publishes post-appointment surveys from Dental Sesame and Ortho Sesame, and includes an upgraded profile page incorporating a tracked phone number, online appointment request functionality, direct access to their practice website, and much more.
  • Sesame Website Design—The dental industry’s only website company that features Patient Appeal Rated™ design and responsive design that automatically optimizes viewing and navigation on smartphones and tablets. Standard and premium versions ensure practice websites reflects the unique value and character of each practice brand and drives more new patient appointments.
  • Sesame SEO—The perfect complement to a practice website, Sesame SEO lets practices work with a SEO expert to optimize local search results, monitor online reviews, and manage key online destinations such as Google+ and Bing Business Pages. It also includes monthly reports that provide valuable data such as new appointment tracking and search ranking.
  • Sesame SEM—As more and more search real estate is given to sponsored ads, this service helps practices strategically target local keywords with pay-per-click advertising on top search engines. Monthly reports keep them informed of progress and success from their investment.
  • Sesame Social—Provides practices with a streamlined way to establish and manage key social media properties such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Working with an expert in social media, they will plan their content and build their social community to drive more new patients and increase engagement with their existing patient community. Monthly reports ensure practices see the progress being made and the impact to their practice.
  • Sesame Sweepstakes—As Facebook is the top social media property on the Internet, this service provides turnkey management of sweepstakes and contests to increase engagement with existing patients and expand your visibility and value to their friends and family.

Integrating custom on hold messaging at your dental practice.

A custom message on hold program can “connect the dots” for your patients. What they read about online can easily be delivered in spoken form on your telephones. With 70% or more of all callers being placed on hold, a small added investment in on hold marketing is an obvious add-on.

Dr. Peter Zwier, DDS says, “We are so happy with the custom message recorded for our practice. There was little we had to do on our end to receive amazing service and quality follow-up.”

Easy On Hold provides the scripting, equipment (if needed) and licensed music and audio production needed to improve patient relationships. Learn more about messages on hold for your dental practice.

Easy On Hold’s online portal lets you request, manage and change all of your messaging on-hold easily. Log in to see your dental practice on hold message scripts, approve new message scripts, audition custom productions, send a one-click approval, request new music and more.


Join the webinar Tuesday, October 21, 2014  10 AM – 11:00 AM PDT (1:00 PM Eastern)
Want to make your callers feel unimportant? Use phrases like, “your call is important to us” in your message on hold. If you are using this phrase and others, expect your patients to say, “if my call is so important, why am I still on hold?” On hold messaging has gotten a bad rap, and it’s for good reason. On hold scripts and announcers can sound fake and insincere. Join this webinar and learn the dos and don’ts that will give your patients a better sounding message on hold experience. Learn more and register here!




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