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Dental Practices: Branding Includes Messages On Hold


Attention Dental and Orthodontic offices! Here are some branding tips.

First of all, why brand your practice? Dr. Roger P. Levin, D.D.S. says:

Branding brings new patients to your door by clearly positioning your practice as a specific type of service provider. If branding efforts are successful, your practice will see many more new patients, allowing you and the dental team to educate and motivate them to become long-term patients.

Dr. Levin mentions the importance of having a consistent message. Branding is not a single event. It takes repetition and consistency. Don’t be a moving target. Become a bit predictable with your message, to make sure it sinks in. Some areas to consider, according to Dr. Levin: staff scripting, business cards, brochures, website, social media, direct mail, posters, signage, and on-hold messages. The key factors in branding: patience and a consistent message.

When a patient calls, you have two touch-points to consider: The way the phone is answered and what the caller hears while on hold. A potential third touch-point is the possibility that the phone is answered by an auto attendant (either because staff is busy or the caller has reached you after hours).

Our client, Dr. Stella uses on hold time to promote his “fun” theme to appeal to families with children…

Say goodbye to “ouch!” At Dr. Stella’s Funtastic Dental and Orthodontics we do EVERYTHING possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing. From the almost 100% pain-free injections with computer assisted numbing to our special micro drill that allows you to have your small & medium-sized cavities fixed comfortably, and most often without need for anesthetics!-No Shots!!! If your kids don’t beg to come back, it’s FREE! Visit our website at for more details.

Oshtemo Family Dentistry is a practice that does a great job of promoting their website. The goal is to brand the practice as an “educating” practice. When callers are placed on hold, they hear…

Our dentists are experts when it comes to your teeth. But it also helps for you to know how to properly care for them. Be sure to visit our website, Oshtemo family dentistry dot com, and click on the “Patient Education” link for information on a wide variety of topics pertaining to oral health. That’s o-s-h-t-e-m-o family dentistry dot com. Thank you again for calling.

If this were your practice, how else might you “educate”? Informational emails? Articles and fliers in-office? Posters? Quizzes and prizes on Facebook?

Finally, remember to consider the entire patient experience as a branding opportunity. What does the customer hear, see and smell when he or she enters your practice? Dr. Susan Shiffman, a professor of psychology at Duke University Medical School in North Carolina, has been using chocolate and apricot aromas to help reduce anxiety in her patients.

We wanted to set a new standard with our dental care facility… And the music is great!” – Charles M. Trauring, D.M.D. President And CEO, Duke University Medical School.

The background music and scent is offered through dmx. Talk to your Easy On Hold representative for information about commercial-free overhead music in your practice and the new scent technology.


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