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Broadsoft® Music On Hold Now Streaming Audio

Broadsoft Music On Hold is changing, thanks to a tiny little device called a PIKA® Micro Warp Plus. The device is Broadsoft® Broadworks® compatible (IOT Approved) and can stream Music On Hold from Easy On Hold’s® professional custom streaming music on hold cloud.

Why Streaming?

In regular operation with Broadsoft®, when a caller is placed on hold, the MOH audio file starts playing from the beginning of the file. This means that callers hear the same exact content every time they are placed on hold. If they’re placed on hold more than once in a call, the message on hold starts all over again (some callers think this is a “glitch” in the system). If your company has had a 4-minute message on hold audio file prepared, few callers will hear all of your message.

Streaming audio from Easy On Hold® randomizes the playback of many short topics, providing variety and keeping callers on hold longer. The Easy On Hold® playback stream also allows the prioritization of certain message on hold topics, so when there is a message callers absolutely need to hear, they will get it.

The PKA® Micro Warp Plus provides Broadsoft® users the functionality of an on-premise music on hold system. Easy On Hold® is an official PIKA dealer, offering the Micro Warp Plus as an innovative and convenient way to stream music on hold on Broadsoft® and other platforms.

Broadsoft Music On Hold DevicePoint Broadsoft Music On Hold Source To This Device

The PIKA® Micro Warp Plus is capable of listening to your Easy On Hold® custom streaming music on hold, and mounting it on the SIP network. Within the Broadsoft® application, the music on hold source is pointed to the PIKA® device.PIKA Streaming Broadsoft Music On Hold Diagram

The μWARPPlus acts as a local SIP User Agent (SIP UA) registered with the BroadSoft® switch. Page requests are handled locally by the μWARPPlus instead of sending multiple RTP media streams from the BroadSoft® switch across the WAN to the customer premise.

Set Up By Easy On Hold® or Your Technician

The PIKA® Micro Warp Plus is configured using a web-based GUI, which also provides status and troubleshooting information. Once the IP address of the Micro Warp Plus is discovered and entered into a browser address bar, the GUI appears.

Web GUI Menu:

  • STATUS – Hostname, Firmware Version, Serial Number, Local Time, Uptime, Network Status.
  • SYSTEM SETTINGS – Configure Hostname, Time Zone, Admin Password, NTP Servers.
  • NETWORK – Edit network interface to use DHCP or STATIC IP Address.
  • DOWNLOAD SETTINGS – Configuration for downloading server settings.
  • BACKUP/FLASH FIRMWARE – Backup or restore configuration files, flash new firmware image.
  • REBOOT – Reboots device.

Applications Menu:

  • PAGER – Configures device to function as a pager. (PIKA® Administrator’s Guide states): Page announcements are redirected through the μWARPPlus to a configurable Multicast IP address. Phones in the same network are configured to “listen” for pages from that Multicast IP address. On Premise Paging offloads WAN bandwidth demands and provides the local paging functionality typically available with traditional legacy PBX systems.
  • MUSIC ON HOLD – Configures Music On Hold Settings for the Micro Warp Plus
  • SIP CONNECTIONS – View connection status of SIP connections. From here you may also force the device to reload its SIP configuration and restart the service.PIKA screenshot Broadsoft Music On Hold Application

About the PIKA® Micro Warp for Broadsoft Music On Hold

The device is small, less than four inches long and just an inch-and-a-half wide. It uses an external power supply (Micro USB type plug) and consumes 4 Watts of power. There is an Ethernet LED to indicate activity and external status LED light indicators. There are two full duplex Ethernet ports (10/100Mbps). The device will work with any Broadworks® platform, and may work with other SIP PBX applications.




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