Increase The Average Sale


Business consultant Mark Salmon writes an interesting post on the four ways to increase business:

  • Increase the number of customers of the type you want to have
  • Increase the number of times customers come back
  • Increase the average value of each sale
  • Increase the effectiveness of each process in the business

While all of these deserve attention, today I would like to suggest a way to increase the average sale.

Educational Information Plays A Role In Increasing Sales

Communicating educational information about your products or services can help build customers’ confidence in your business and increase the sale value. Your collateral material, such as “leave-behinds”, signage, newsletters and e-mails may impress potential buyers. Do not overlook your message on hold system.

Mr. Salmon writes:

Surprisingly, your on-hold messages can spark a customer’s interest and increase the average sale.  For example, if you call a business about a specific product or services and you’re put on hold for a moment.  A recording comes on that tells you about other products or services that you may not otherwise have known about — causing you to ask for more information or come in and see for yourself.

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