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About Easy On Hold®: Music, Messages, Marketing.

Welcome to Easy On Hold®, an established creative marketing firm with a successful 20-year history of making great impressions. To know us is to understand our passion for innovation and excellence.
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What We Offer


Licensed music, updated continuously, from the leading media producers in Hollywood.


Messaging that prompts an immediate response or sale.


Easy On Hold is the leader in streaming MOH technology and innovative devices.


Creative Content Manager, our proprietary customer hub keeps you organized.


Support for streams, devices integration and a friendly attitude are guaranteed.


Try our easy, licensed, automated and feature-rich platform for background business music.


Automated notices (text, email) alert you when content is becoming obsolete.


Translations and multi-lingual voice talent provide prompts and video voiceovers.

Our growth comes from providing outstanding solutions for outstanding clients.

Easy On Hold clients include T-Mobile, Open Table, Frontier Communications, others

At Music On Hold Messages by Easy On Hold®, we create effective message on hold productions, voice mail, greetings, recordings, announcements, phone on hold, hold button custom messages for small, medium and large sized businesses (including Fortune 100 companies).

Strategic Branding Is Practiced Here
Created by a successful advertising and marketing team with extensive experience in branding, public relations and audio/video production, Easy On Hold® is a messages on hold marketing company that puts hold time to use as a strategic opportunity to achieve three marketing goals: educating the customer, brand positioning, and selling products and services. Because the on-hold message is a legitimate extension of our clients' marketing program, scripts are written, announced and produced with precision and purpose, not boilerplate messages that do more to turn off the caller rather than inspire them.

Phone hold music and messages help small companies sound big, and big companies sound friendly.

With our valuable experience in marketing, advertising, journalism, broadcasting and audio design, Easy On Hold® is qualified to provide a premium quality music on hold production for you. Every day, we focus on developing the knowledge and skill that have earned us the title of "music on hold experts".

Innovations in music on hold messaging

Easy On Hold® created the on-hold industry's first online audition tool. Right at your computer, you can hear your completed music on hold production in three days or less, share it with others, download purchased audio productions, create or edit scripts and enjoy time-saving automation that makes Easy On Hold truly unique.

Another major innovation offered by Easy On Hold® is the use of remotely controlled music on hold message playback devices that connect to the Easy On Hold studio via the Internet. These hands-free message machines can handle a specific playback schedule, to allow callers to hear specific information based on the month, week, day and even time of day. Easy On Hold® has a free message on hold equipment program currently being utilized by customers around the USA.