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OUR PRODUCTS: Music and Messages On Hold, IVR Voices, Overhead Music



Licensed music, updated continuously, from the leading media producers in Hollywood.


Your brand is elevated through helpful phone hold messages that improve overall service to your client base.


Try our easy, licensed, automated and feature-rich platform for background business music.


Translations and multi-lingual voice talent provide prompts and video voiceovers.


We continue to develop streaming technologies for call center platforms. Cisco, Genesys, Avaya and more.

Join us on our mission to end bad on hold music and messages.

No one likes being on hold, yet it still a normal part of doing business. But why give callers a "typical" phone-on-hold experience? As soon as callers hear that dull hold music with "thank you for calling" generic statements, they are reminded of the last time they had to endure an insultingly boring wait on hold.

Try these DOs and DON'Ts for creating a phone-hold experience callers will actually remember and appreciate:

  •  DON'T remind callers they are still on hold. It confirms that you're wasting their time.
  •  DO use a conversational "virtual intimacy" approach. It's one-to-one communication.
  •  DON'T use text from brochures. DO use our writers, who know how to "write for the ear".
  •  DO focus on current topics. Be relevant. Prove to your callers that you know them. DON'T use entirely generic topics.
  •  DO change the music, using many different pieces at the same time. Variety makes hold time seem shorter than it actually is.
  •  DON'T simply load one long message on hold audio file. Check with us first, to see if you can use live streaming—a completely fresh-sounding approach.
More Tips

Quick Facts

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Our growth comes from providing outstanding solutions for every client.

Armstrong Corporation
Mitel Communications
Cleveland Clinic
T Mobile
Frontier Communications
Republic Services
Head Penn Corporation
Pill Pack, an Amazon Company
NYU Langone Medical Center

Innovators in music on hold messaging

Easy On Hold® created the on-hold industry's first:

  • Online audition tool
  • 3-day turnaround
  • Live streaming music and messages on hold
  • Advanced direct-to-platform technologies in streaming MOH
  • Best on-premise device with the combination of onboard speaker, large menu screen, multiple outputs, failover audio, remote updates, continuous check-in, data-logging, wi-fi, variety of playback formats including rtp, mp3, HLS.

Innovations You Can Use

1. Instant Updates

When you need to make a change, there is no waiting. All audio updates are heard on the stream immediately.

2. Easy Control of Multiple Locations

Streaming on hold messaging is especially useful for businesses that manage multiple locations. Our customers include call centers and contact centers, John Deere dealer groups, credit unions, financial institutions, educational campuses and many other industries in need of centralized control of the phone on hold audio.

3. Priority Messages

Are all of the topics in your on hold message rotation equally important? Of course not. An upcoming event, a limited-time offer or new feature announcement deserves to be heard more often. Our exclusive priority scheduling feature assigns each topic a value that makes it play more or less often than others. Brilliant!

4. Automated Scheduling

With streaming on hold programming, each individual topic can be set to start and stop as needed. Set the month, week, day or even the time of day for each message. “Good morning” and “good afternoon” greetings are very friendly and impressive to callers.

5. Creative Content Manager

Our unique customer portal organizes all of your content, while providing total creative control.

Our Values


High Tech means having technical competence; earning the label “music on hold experts”. Streaming technologies and user interface development are at the forefront of our High Tech efforts.


High Touch represents our customer support philosophy and model. High Touch means providing frequent, quality communications with the customer; showing respect for others. We emphasize phone calls over emails. Asking questions; seeking customer needs. Our High Touch Account Management Team makes thousands of customer contacts each year, resulting in consistently high customer retention rates.


Excellence means being committed to quality work and self-improvement.