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At Music On Hold Messages by Easy On Hold, we create effective message on hold productions, voice mail, greetings, recordings, announcements, phone on hold, hold button custom messages for small, medium and large sized businesses (including Fortune 100 companies). Created by a successful advertising and marketing team with extensive experience in branding, public relations and audio/video production, Easy On Hold is a messages on hold marketing company that puts hold time to use as a strategic opportunity to achieve three marketing goals: educating the customer, brand positioning, and selling products and services. Because the on-hold message is a legitimate extension of our clients' marketing program, scripts are written, announced and produced with precision and purpose, not boilerplate messages that do more to turn off the caller rather than inspire them.

Custom script, voice, music, strategy.

While recycling can be a good thing, for on hold marketing, we don't believe in it. Instead, every message is treated with importance and originality. We interview you to learn the key messages that the on hold script must communicate to callers. We also learn about caller demographics in order to make the most effective choices in writing style, on hold music and announcers. How long are your hold times? What questions are being asked? What needs do the callers want met? What times of the day or year are busiest? These are important questions that shape your custom on hold production.

We believe in the message on hold product.

There's no doubt that professional phone hold music and messages help small companies sound big, and big companies sound friendly. It's an absolute must-have for any company or organization that needs to be sensitive to callers/clients' needs. Easy On Hold customers each receive periodic surveys to report success with their messaging on hold marketing program and to help us refine our processes and improve our service.

Easy On Hold is the choice for Dentist On Hold Messages, Credit Union Music and Messages On Hold, Health Care Phone On Hold Systems, Salon Spa music, Logistic Services On Hold Messages, Physicians Office, Chiropractor Office, Automobile Dealers and small business marketing on hold music and message advertising. Royalty free music is offered, as well as in-store overhead music programming and announcements.

How to begin a successful message on hold marketing campaign.

A Free Music On Hold Demo is one way Easy On Hold helps businesses find out what a music and custom message on hold production would sound like. After the no obligation demo is made (just 3 business days) it becomes clear that callers can receive helpful information while waiting on hold.

Excellent customer service is too uncommon.

Serving you is so important to us that we have designed, tweaked and practiced a customer service system that will provide the highest satisfaction possible. We'll keep in touch through our monthly e-mails and friendly phone calls, so you'll be able to conveniently plan and enjoy the benefits of updated productions to fulfill your specific needs.

Ready for a fresh approach to music on hold?

With our valuable experience in marketing, advertising, journalism, broadcasting and audio design, Easy On Hold is qualified to provide a premium quality music on hold production for you. Every day, we focus on developing the knowledge and skill that have earned us the title of "music on hold experts".

Innovations in music on hold messaging

Easy On Hold created the on-hold industry's first online audition tool. Right at your computer, you can hear your completed music on hold production in three days or less, share it with others, download purchased audio productions, create or edit scripts and enjoy time-saving automation that makes Easy On Hold truly unique.

Another major innovation offered by Easy On Hold is the use of remotely controlled music on hold message playback devices that connect to the Easy On Hold studio via the Internet. These hands-free message machines can handle a specific playback schedule, to allow callers to hear specific information based on the month, week, day and even time of day. Easy On Hold has a free message on hold equipment program currently being utilized by customers around the USA.