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Kalamazoo Gospel Ministies

Helping The Homeless

Easy On Hold® president Julie Brown holds Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries close to her heart. It was her great-great uncle, Jacob Hildebrand, who with his wife Anna, founded what was then the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission in 1933.

Easy On Hold strongly supports the organization's provision for the homeless and hungry in our area. In addition, KGM provides education, counselling and job training. 97% of the Gospel Mission's funding comes from private sources.

Kalamazoo Gospel Mission Video from RHINO

"People come to a place where they really aren't sure that tomorrow is going to be any better than today was. The Gospel Mission likes to turn that around."

Pastor Michael Brown, President and CEO
Help The Homeless

Kalamazoo Youth For Christ

Helping Young People Discover Purpose

Easy On Hold® President Julie Brown serves on the Board of Directors for our local chapter of Youth For Christ.

YFC Reaches Out In Many Ways
  • Campus Life in Middle School and High Schools.
  • The Michigan Youth Challenge Academy, helping at-risk youth who have dropped out of school.
  • City Life, helping to transform the lives of urban youth and their families.
  • ​YFC Core, teams of students with adult coaches.
  • The Juvenile Justice Ministry (JJM), teaching young people how to establish a solid foundation in life.
  • Merge Mentoring, building one-on-one relationships with Christian adults to guide young people in developing character and faith in Christ.

"Our business is providing funds to help build a new youth center in Kalamazoo. We're committed to the young people of our community."

Julie Brown, Easy On Hold® President and CEO
Invest In Youth

Wings of God

Transition Home For Women

Wings of God is a unique organization, providing a stable environment for women in transition from prison to a joyful, spirit-filled life. Working with the Michigan Department of Corrections and local jails, the Wings of God staff accepts candidates for their 1-year program. Residents learn life skills, money management, addiction recovering and also receive counselling. But the main priority of Wings of God is to introduce women to the restorative, life-giving grace of Jesus Christ.

Wings Of God | Jess & Gemma's Story from RHINO.

" love being a witness to the transformation process of the Pearls. I am privileged to be a Servant and part of their healing walk with God. I am inspired each time they reach a milestone and conqueror a challenge."

Rhonda Cochran, Wings of God House Manager
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