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Easy On Hold Offers Customer Engagement Solutions

Posted in Farm Equipment Magazine, Dealer Business Operations: Dealers build customer engagement, brand recognition and sales revenue with custom audio "caller-waiting-on-hold" services from Easy On Hold®.

Farm Equipment Magazine

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Easy on Hold Launches Cloud-Based SIP Stream Into TPX Communications

Easy On Hold announced that it has engineered a cloud-based music on hold queue SIP stream into Broadsoft-based TPX Communications, one of the nation's premier managed services providers..

Pipeline Magazine

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The Contact Center Queue: Lessons From The Pandemic

This article examines changes in the modern contact center in 2020, and how the new Enterprise Music On Hold™ solution from Easy On Hold® (https://easyonhold.com) is helping improve customer satisfaction as part of a more effective contact center platform design.

Article by Daniel Noworatzky

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PODCAST: On Hold Reinvented

Easy On Hold, has new technology that integrates custom audio streams into call platforms–so companies can use “hold time” in ways we couldn’t have imagined.

Podcast with Douglas Green

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Call Center Messaging Technologies Vital During Coronavirus Crisis

Easy On Hold®’s solutions include contact center queue technologies that enable managers to create crisis messaging and pre-load it to play either on the fly, or on a specific schedule. Emergency messages may be played more often than other content using streaming technology, allowing managers to tightly control messaging and address callers’ concerns.

Article by Laura Stotler

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Advice on Telephone On-Hold Systems During COVID-19

Easy On Hold®, a marketing company specializing in music and messages for telephone on hold systems, offered advice to businesses on how to manage their phone systems during the coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19 crisis. Easy On Hold CEO and President Julie Brown said the company has been working around the clock to update companies on hold phone systems to better serve customers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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Coronavirus Calls Overwhelm Contact Centers

Easy On Hold, provider of telephone greetings and on hold marketing messages, says the telephone remains one of the fastest, most effective tools when it comes to communicating with customers during a crisis like the coronavirus outbreak, urging crisis managers to not overlook the phone in their integrated communications strategy and to use the latest streaming phone on hold technology for faster information updates for callers.

AP News Article

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OnSIP, Easy On Hold Team Up For Custom On Hold Messages

"When it came to integration with our platform, these new Easy On Hold features were incorporated seamlessly. "In testing, I was quite surprised at how little time the whole set up process took and how efficiently the stream stood up to testing," said NOC Technician Eric Phipps. "It's very rare that we encounter a new product that integrates so quickly and hassle free in the testing phase."

OnSIP Report

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Marketplace.org: Music On Hold With Easy On Hold

"As Tim Brown of Easy On Hold points out, that gets pretty complicated, pretty fast. "In the United States, we have three different providers of these licenses. If you're sure if you're just playing a song licensed by BMI, then you can just pay BMI. But if you're playing a variety of songs, there's no way for you to really be able to track all that. It gets to be a hassle. Which is why most businesses just find it easier to go through a company like his, which offer licenses via businesses that churn out music composed specifically for this purpose."

Marketplace Report: Music On Hold

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Restaurants Need Messages On Hold

True story: Man calls restaurant to make reservations and is placed on hold, where he hears the local radio station and a commercial for another restaurant. It sounded so good, he hangs up and decides to go there instead. Man not only enjoys a delicious meal with his wife later that evening, but begins cooking up something else of his own: A solution for restaurants and other businesses who want to keep business, not lose business, by properly using hold time to promote themselves.

Music On Hold At Restaurants

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CBC Radio Documentary Features Easy On Hold Founder

In a CBC (Canadian Broadcasting) radio documentary, presenter Josh Bloch interviews Easy On Hold V.P. and founder Tim Brown for a program called, "Your Call Is Important To Us: Designing The Best On Hold Experience". The piece looks "into the people who spend time researching what will keep you 'on hold'. People build careers offering what they think are the right 'on hold' messages. Josh Bloch delves into the tricks and trade of those who keep us on-the-line."

Music On Hold on CBC
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SIP Trunking Experts Report Breakthrough For Asterisk

In an article by Casey Houser for SIP Trunking Experts, the availability of custom audio streams for the Asterisk platform is announced. Houser says, "Easy on Hold makes it possible to transmit quality music between messages that adapt to times of day and customer needs."

Streaming Music On Hold For Asterisk

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Easy On Hold Releases List Of Banished On Hold Phrases

These are the "on hold messages we love to hate". The list is intended to chop out all those cliches, syrupy apologies, cheesy phrases and the corporate speak from on hold message scripts, resulting in more topical, relevant and effective marketing to callers on hold.

Banished Message On Hold Phrases

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The Financial Brand: Does On Hold Music And Messaging Increase Business?

Financial institution CEOs and marketing executives turn to online publication, The Financial Brand, for the latest ideas and information about how financial institutions build and shape their brands. In a 2013 article, Does On Hold Music And Messaging Increase Business?, Easy On Hold® shares a success story about how music on hold messaging is bringing real results.

The Financial Brand<

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mLive: Easy On Hold® Heard From Bangkok To Kalamazoo

Easy On Hold® Can Be Heard From Kalamazoo To Bangkok on M-Live. "All service companies need to look at every opportunity to provide good service," said Julie Cook, who recommended that executives put themselves on hold with their own company, so that they can experience it from a caller's point of view.

Worldwide Music On Hold Service