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"Hit" Music On Hold Streams Work Better For Call Centers

Why? Because "elevator music" reminds us that we're not having fun.

"Generic background or hold music reminds us of waiting and complaining—those things that normally happen when you call a call center. When you have some pop music that you wouldn’t expect to hear, it doesn’t prime those negative thoughts, it provides a buffer.”

Karen Niven - Manchester Business School

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When T-Mobile, Mitel and Los Angeles County needed hold music, they chose streaming hit music from Easy On Hold®.

Los Angeles County


Some hold music services offer only generic music (a.k.a. elevator music, vanilla music, stock music, royalty free music). Brandi Music For Business® (free trial available). keeps callers on the line, listening to their favorite artists.


The music callers love, plus powerful "branding IDs". Callers hear popular music (songs people know). Between the songs a short branding message plays (5 to 15 second long announcements with musical effects that identify your brand). It's your own radio station.

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Nonstop music by major artists. Choose a music channel (style), or blend up to 4 channels. In stead of illegally connecting a satellite radio or other audio device, stream ever-changing music that fits your brand image.

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Standard music license covers performance rights for ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, GMR and SOCAN.

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"I'm on hold with T-MOBILE right now... I don't know what the **** is going on here but it's completely quelled my anger." (June 14, 2018)
"I’m on hold with T-Mobile right now and instead of the regular hold song, they’re playing Linkin Park "(July 21, 2017)
  “We were just going to buy the rights to a few songs, but thankfully Easy On Hold® mentioned a streaming option with hit music, and that got my attention. My sales consultant made it seem very easy and it still fit within our budget. We even have people ask what song was playing on hold because they like it that much.”

—Amanda Gish, AVP of Marketing at Credit Union of America

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