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Choosing A Music On Hold Message Company

Can you spot the differences between on hold message providers?

Choosing The Right On Hold Company: Are They All Alike?

The tact of many message on hold producers may be to, "hurry up, slap it together, and send it to you". But way back in 1997, it was clear that the industry needed something better. That's the year Easy On Hold was establish, combining a marketing agency approach to managing the on-hold experience. There is a difference between message on hold companies; a difference that goes much deeper than background music with voice over.

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8 Tips For Choosing A Music And Message On Hold Provider

You've decided to take care of the hold button problem—you know, that silence or fuzzy radio that callers endure while waiting for someone to come back on the line. Now you need to choose a music on hold provider. Learn how to spot unnecessary installation and setup fees. Do you need to enter into a contract? You may not know the terminology on hold message companies use. Relax and read on. Here are 7 quick tips: what to watch out for when shopping messages on hold.

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