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Choosing an On Hold Company

Are They All Alike?


The tact of many message on hold producers may be to, "hurry up, slap it together, and send it to you". But way back in 1997, it was clear that the industry needed something better. That's the year Easy On Hold was establish, combining a marketing agency approach to managing the on-hold experience. There is a difference between message on hold companies; a difference that goes much deeper than background music with voice over.

Looking at On Hold Messaging As A Marketing Tool

It's not enough to grab a few sentences off your site or brochure and call it good. It's not enough to have a "radio announcer" read your script, add some music, and call it good. It must be treated like the marketing tool is really is, with strategy and care. We work with a scriptwriter who is a former radio news director and broadcaster, so she has an "ear" for how to ferret out interesting details and capturing those details in a way that will be interesting to someone listening (very different than a written piece that is meant for the "eyes"). After all, it is a conversation we're having with our callers, right?


Next, the announcers read your script with a tone that matches up with where your callers are emotionally. A script for a tire shop or a cruise line is going to be read differently than a script for a healthcare provider, which needs a caring, compassionate tone. No two companies are alike, no two scripts are alike. I've heard on hold scripts that are read the same way regardless of the subject matter—you wonder if they even really knew what they were reading. That just shouldn't happen.

Music Selection

And finally the music. Our studio engineer, a competent musician himself, takes the music and pulls it all together, and we invest thousands of dollars in our music library so that we can offer our customers just the right piece of music that will bring that emotional final touch to the production. After the production is created, it travels through our quality control stage, where our production coordinator listens to it for accuracy; our goal is to make sure the client never receives a production with a mistake in it.

The Difference-Maker: Customer Service

This leads us to the second big difference-maker between on hold messaging companies: customer service. Everyone says they have great customer service, right? Here's what that means at Easy On Hold:

  • We continue to revise your production until you love it. Some companies will give you two revisions. For example, ours are unlimited. If you're not 100 percent happy with it, we know you won't be at peace and you won't recommend us. Did you really win in that scenario? No, and neither did we if you think about it. So we keep honing it until you say it's perfect.
  • Another customer service plus is our daily tech help. We have a full time tech director able to help you if you encounter any technical trouble at all.
  • And after the sale, if you bought more than one production, we'll send you friendly email reminders of how many productions are remaining in your package so that you have the confidence that you're receiving everything you ordered (some on hold companies hope you'll forget so that they don't have to honor them), whether it takes you a year or years to use it up.

Different Ways To Buy On Hold Messages

Finally, a big difference between message on hold companies is the purchase model. Are you looking for a one-time fee situation, or are you looking for a monthly or annual situation? These are important factors that get missed until it's too late and you're stuck in a contract you didn't expect. These are aspects of a company you won't pick up from their website, so if that's all you see then yes, it can appear we're "all alike." It's important to get a glimpse inside of how your on hold company is wired and structured to make sure you get a quality product and care that makes you feel like you've made the best choice.

What Easy On Hold Customers Are Saying

Below are some recent testimonials that underscore the value of being different here at Easy On Hold.
"Simply amazing! Seriously, the best service from anyone that I have ever worked with! Thank you so much, please personally thank your team from all of us here at Midwest. The staff loved it and the customers asked us questions because of it! I will undoubtedly recommend your service to anyone that I discuss this topic with. The recordings were perfect and with all this service, and we could not be more satisfied." Ken Lewis, Midwest Photo Exchange

"Shaw's experience with Easy On Hold has been very positive. Each time we have worked on detailed projects, there has been a strong commitment to meeting our requirements. In addition, Easy On Hold has engaged Shaw to understand our business and while providing leadership and best practices for managing our marketing message. Easy On Hold provides a consistent, brand specific voice. We have been updating messages for several years and the experience for our callers through these changes has remained constant." Pam Holder, Customer Service/Logistics Business Solutions Shaw Industries Group Inc.

"Spotlight Pages has used many voice over and on hold companies from around the world. Easy on hold is the best if not the best in the world voice over and on hold music we’ve had the pleasure of working with in years. The employees are very patient, diligent and friendly. We can’t find one problem with their service, it’s an impeccable program. If you need voice over or on hold music, I highly recommend them! Our company and it’s 1600+ employees wants to thank Easy On Hold, we ALL trust you with our business." Amber Hicks and the Spotlight Pages Team