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USB .mp3 On Hold Player Is Simple And Effective Solution

We have tested, poked, fiddled-with and otherwise destroyed just about every .mp3 music on hold player on the market. The player that works best for our customers is what we call the USB-Pro On Hold Message and Music Player. We recommend and sell this professional-grade mp3 device. As a company with the word "easy" in our name, any on hold device that non-technical personnel at your company may be working with must be simple. The USB-Pro has that inherent intuitive quality that makes using it a breeze.

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Internet Connected Message On Hold Player

Easy On Hold provides an internet-connected message on hold player with some custom on-hold messaging production packages. This sophisticated "cloud" player will greet callers with “Good morning,” or, “Good afternoon”. It will change music styles on a schedule, to more closely fit the listening audience. This is a programmable music and message player that will never play an out-of-date message, while touching all the right marketing points for you—hands-free.

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iPod Poor Choice For Music On Hold

A caller to Easy On Hold asked for some tips on plugging in his iPod to play music on hold on his phone system. It can be done, but that’s not to say it is a good idea.Portable mp3 players are great for personal listening, but these music machines are not built for 24/7 music on hold playback. Here are a few reasons why we recommend against using your iPod for on hold music playback.

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AT&T Syn-J Small Business Phone System Review

AT&T now offers a 4-line phone that provides an input for an external music on hold player. It's called the Syn-J. While the Syn-J is more expensive than most cordless phones, it does the job of a fairly sophisticated phone system at a very reasonable price. But the best part in our opinion is the way it handles music on hold. With a simple connection to the base station and a few programming tricks, callers on hold can hear a professional on hold marketing message played from a genuine music on hold device.

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AT&T MS2085: A Puzzling Disappointment

After praising AT&T for developing the innovative and affordable SYN-J small business phone system (see article here), we're turning around on the manufacturing arm of the telephony giant due to the puzzling MS2085 phone system. We're working with a law firm that just purchased the MS2085 phone system with 2015 desk phones. They just can't figure out how to change the awful on hold music stuck in the system. The answer? You can't.

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X-Blue Creates Phone System With Music On Hold Capabilities

When searching for a telephone system for a small business, there are a confusion array of options. How many lines and extensions? Analog or digital lines? Intercom, voice mail, automated attendant, music on hold? The goal is for the small business to sound solid, dependable and professional. The X-16 Analog Phone Line small business phone system is worth a look. For a business with up to 24 employees, looking for a professional phone system with options that rival the big PBX systems and cloud-based VOIP services, the XBlue X-16 is a problem-solver.

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