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What kind of equipment do I need to play music on hold?

As Music On Hold Experts, we offer 5 detailed answers to the question, "What kind of equipment do I need to play music on hold?"

  1. On-Premise: The 2 Channel Business Music System (2CBAS) playing live stream or audio from USB drive, using an audio cable
  2. On-Premise: The 2 Channel Busuiness Music System using a digital connection to your phone system
  3. Off-Premise: no equipment, just a URL in HLS, http, https or PCM
  4. Off-Premise: no equipment, just a SIP connection to our streaming server(s)
  5. On-Premise: virtual machine running CISCO QUEUE STREAMER software for CISCO VVB

2-Channel Business Music Audio System (2CBAS)

2 Channel Business Music Audio System 2CBAS device shown back of unit with labels


This new device plays music on hold from stream or .mp3 USB drive. Here are the connections used, depending on your phone system:

Sound Card On Phone System: audio cable from RCA or 3.5mm jack.

CISCO CUCM: digital connection mounted on IP address in RTP 8-bit audio.

Genesys Pure Connect: digital connection mounted on IP address in HLS audio format specifically for the Genesys Pure Connect platform.

The 2CBAS plays custom content on a stream controlled in client portal. Mainstream music (with optional announcements played at variable intervals) is also avilable, controlled in client portal.

Features and User Guide are available here:

2CBAS Device

No Equipment. URL Live Stream.

Phone systems that can accept a live stream from a URL include Avaya 7+ using Aura Media Server, Genesys Pure Connect, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, Bicom Systems (and others built on Asterisk), Fusion (using their remote media server), iPitomy appliances, Fortinet appliances, OnSIP (and other FreeSWITCH based systems), CISCO UCCE using VVB.

Each platform has specific requirements regarding the stream type, such as http, https, HLS, PCM.

Why Streaming?

No Equipment. SIP Connection.

Broadsoft based systems such as Nextiva, TPX and others, have been proven to be able to use a custom streaming on hold methodology developed by Easy On Hold®.

Broadsoft Streaming

On-Premise Virtual Machine for VVB

In the Spring of 2019, Easy On Hold® was chosen by Cisco® to develop the only Cisco-supported solution for streaming live content into VVB for callers in queue. The solution, provided both in the cloud and on-premise, has been fully validated by Cisco® for use in VVB version 12.5.

For more than 500 concurrent connections (calls on hold) in the call center, a premise based version of our PCM streaming system is available.

Details on our On-Premise and Cloud-Based solutions for CISCO VVB are here:


Do Not Use

burned up ipods

iPod, iPad, iPhone, .mp3 player

Since the Apple warranty explicitly states that the iPod, iPad or iPhone product is not made to be used continuously (“uninterrupted”), any damage from such use is not warranted.

Apple does not warrant that the operation of the product will be uninterrupted or error-free. Apple is not responsible for damage arising from failure to follow instructions relating to the product’s use. Power adapters may become warm during normal use, and prolonged contact may cause injury.

Basically, any consumer grade audio device is not recommended. Problems with these include:

  • Low-level output may be inadequate. Many consumer products are built to conserve battery power, the audio output is configured for use with high-efficiency headphones. This low-power output is not made to match the impedance of a telephone system.
  • Consumer products do not restart once they lose power. Commercial devices are made to restart on their own when power is available.
  • Lithium batteries are not meant for 24/7 charge cycles. A USB Power Adapter can be used, however this can cause overheating.