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You Don't Need To Be A Technician

What's that? You’re not a telephone technician? Not an “I.T.” person or interconnect professional? Relax. If you’re a business person looking for an on hold message company, you don’t have to know everything about your phone systems. There are some questions, however, that you can help you get the right phone on hold system that will work well for you every day.

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Installation Tutorial For V-Tech CM18445

If you have a small business and would like to give callers the impression of profesionallism, this setup might be perfect for your office. The VTech 4-Line Small Business System Main Console (CM18445), works with the Easy On Hold® 2 Channel Business Audio System, allowing streaming music and messages on hold that sound just like a major call center. This VTech phone has a place to plug in our message on hold player device, so callers will hear your messages while they wait on hold.


Installing Music On Hold On Comdial PBX, DX-120

The Comdial DX-120 is a commonly-found PBX business phone system. Adding music on hold to this system is not too tricky. Take a look at these instructions, provided by Comdial in their DX-120 Phone System Manual. This article digs into terms and instructions found in the Comdial system manual, and also provides hints and tips for making your music on hold messages instalaltion go smoothly.

Comdial DX-120

Connect Music On Hold Player To Samsung iDCS

This article describes connecting a professional music on hold player to an MOH input on a Samsung iDCS Series 100/500 Phone system. Do you have a SAMSUNG iDCS Series Phone System? Don’t want to hear “Old Folks At Home” music on hold? No, we're serious, Samsung actually thought it would be great for callers to hear a beepy version of Old Folks At Home, the 1851 Stephen Foster song also known as Swanee River. Quick! Read this. Here are some installation tips to help you install custom music on hold messaging, based on instructions published by Samsung.

Samsung iDCS

On Premise PBX Phone System MOH

MOH, meaning Music On Hold, is enabled on many on-site (on-premise PBX and KEY phone systems. While businesses are quickly moving away from the legacy PBX and KEY systems, some new phone systems are still used on-premise. This provides an opportunity to connect music on hold using an external device. We talk brands and connections.

On Premise

Off Premise Telecom Services

Business telephone service is often provided as an off-premise or "cloud" hosted solution. Learn the pros and cons of hosted systems, compare the use of live audio streams for MOH (music on hold) vs. audio files. Which hosted platforms accept streaming? Which require you to always load an audio file for music on hold?

Off Premise

How To Play Music On Hold At Your Office

This is an older whitepaper by Easy On Hold®, but it contains lots of helpful info. Key points include, "Do I hear the message on hold in-progress or from the beginning?", "Is Music On Hold affordable?", What kind of audio players are there for phone-on-hold?" and "6 questions to ask when choosing an on-hold system".

Music On Hold

Nortel Legacy PBX Music On Hold

This report covers music on hold player connection, working with existing audio cable, adapting audio connection from 3.5 to rca, Nortel System Configuration.


AT&T Merlin Legacy PBX Music On Hold

Here is an article that covers the older Lucent, AT&T or MERLIN phone systems. MOH jack or screw terminals may be used for connecting music on hold. If you have screw terminals, you likely have a 410, 206 or 820 from the late 1990’s.

AT&T Merlin