Samsung iDCS Music On Hold Messages Connection

Samsung iDCS phone box

Do you have a SAMSUNG iDCS Series Phone System? Don’t want to hear “Old Folks At Home” music on hold? No, we're serious. Samsung thought it would be great for callers on hold to hear the 1851 Stephen Foster classic also known as Swanee River. Quick! Ready this. Here are some installation tips to help you install custom music on hold messaging, based on instructions published by Samsung.

Let's talk about connecting a professional music on hold player to an MOH input on a Samsung iDCS Series 100/500 Phone system.

Downloadable PDF: Samsung iDCS Legacy PBX Music On Hold

This report covers connecting a professional music on hold player to an MOH input on a Samsung iDCS Series 100/500 Phone system. Explains the difference between 8-Ohm and 600-Ohm audio outputs, how to program C.O. lines and some great tips and tricks.

Samsung iDCS

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Audio Travels From Music On Hold Player Into Phone System

For a PBX system like the iDCS, an external music on hold source must be used. The ideal solution is a professional-grade music on hold player such as the 2 Channel Business Audio System by Easy On Hold®.

MOH Audio Player

Music On Hold Player RCA Connector: 8 Ohms or 600 Ohms?

On the back of the music on hold player are connections that provide the audio for your phone system. The 600-Ohm output is intended for telephone systems. (If your particular situation needs a louder signal, you may use the 8-Ohm output without harming your equipment.) The 8-ohm output is appropriate for sound amplification systems, such as public address systems or overhead music systems.

Audio is played continuously from the music on hold player. The sound travels from the AUDIO OUTPUT over the audio CABLE.

Install Connection To KSU Motherboard

Connect leads to the KSU Motherboard, pins 10 (Grey/Red) and 35 (Red/Grey), for audio source. Leads should terminate in an RCA-type phono plug (shown) for compatibility with music on hold player output. Connect music on hold audio out 600 Ohms.

Program C.O. Lines

Each C.O. Line (trunk) can be programmed to receive a music source, system generated TONE or NO MUSIC when it is put on hold. See programming manual for instructions (MMC 408) (diagram to the left is based on Samsung Installation Manual for iDCS 100). The default setting is TONE. MOH SOURCE: 371 connects to the MOH source connection detailed above. If no source is connected, phone will play INTERNAL CHIME (Old Folks At Home).

Samsung iDCS audio hookup diagram

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