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What's that? You're not a telephone technician? Not an “I.T.” person or interconnect professional? Relax. If you’re a business person looking for on hold message company, you don’t have to know everything about phone systems. There are some questions, however, that you can help your on hold message provider develop a phone on hold system that works well every day.

The basics about phone system music on hold

The goal of the phone on hold message is to talk to callers who are waiting on-hold. It's your chance to offer ideas, news, promotions, solutions and other helpful information. If the callers can’t hear the audio or the content is not deployed properly, you can have a wasted opportunity, and investment. That's why it's a good thing you've found The Music On Hold Experts.

We aren’t going to train you to be phone technicians, but we are going to ask a few questions that will help us design an on hold system that is effective for their business. The new streaming music on hold is a great solution because it is so easy to program and control. Depending on your phone system, there may be a need for on-site equipment, such as an on hold message player. You may require audio in a specific format (such as .wav or .mp3).

There are many types of phone systems in use today.

It used to be that there were two kinds of phone systems. One was the PBX or Key system, typically a box on the wall in your business, in your phone room with all phones connected to it. The other was known as “analog” or “ordinary” (the phones from the office supply store).

PBX-IP diagram

On Site (On-Premise) PBX-IP Phones)

Today, business operations have high speed broadband internet, which provides a pipeline for voice-over-internet calling. In the case of an on-site PBX-IP phone system, equipment is still present on site at your business, while the voice carries over the internet to the telephone service provider. In this scenario, Easy On Hold will recommend the use of an external player for messaging on hold.

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Off Site (Hosted) Phones)

You may have the type of VOIP phone system that does not actually reside in your office. In this scenario, phones connect directly to the internet and your actual phone system is in the cloud (hosted). That makes it impossible to get equipment directly attached to the phone system for music on hold. In these cases, Easy On Hold provides a live streaming audio feed that works with some hosted VoIP providers.. Others require a specific audio file that can be uploaded to the off-site VOIP phone system. These files can be in a variety of audio file formats, such as .wav, uLaw, aLaw, .mp3 and others.

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A phone call to the Music On Hold Experts will save you time and get you a phone on hold music and/or messages set up that makes your business sound great.