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Tutorial For AT&T Syn-J Phone On Hold

Videos demonstrate music on hold installation on the AT&T SB67138 Syn-J Telephone System

This video describes the connecting cables and plugs used:

This video takes you through the entire process of installation, including programming the phone:

Installation Tips

  • For best results, we have found that the 8-Ohm output from the music on hold player provides the correct sound levels for the phone. Be sure to call and test volume levels your callers will hear.
  • Do not place the audio player directly next to the Syn-J phone. Move the audio device one to three feet away from the phone to avoid line noise.
  • The manual for the AT&T SB67138 mentions using a laptop as an on hold source (which seems unprofessional). Refer to the Easy On Hold video for installation tips using a professional message on hold playback device.


The SB67138 package includes the phone base station and the wireless extension phone with charger. The music on hold player is sold separately, at The player generates music and message on hold content for callers to hear while holding. In the video, we connected the music on hold device to the phone base using the audio cable included with the AT&T SB67138 phone system..


The audio cable has a 3.5mm connector at one end, and a 2.5mm connector on the other. The music on hold player, however, has only RCA-type connections. We will need an adapter plug in order to make the proper connection. In the video, we show the use of an audio adapter to convert a 3.5mm plug to RCA. It is available at Radio Shack, item number RS 274-387. The adapter plug fits into the RCA audio output connector on the back of the music on hold player. (Note: you may use either the 8-Ohm or 600-Ohm outputs, but normally the 600-Ohm output is sufficient for music on hold use.) The 3.5mm (larger) end of the audio cable is inserted into the back of the adapter plug. The other end (2.5mm) is inserted into the telephone base, in the receptacle labelled Aux In/Headphone. That will complete the connection.

Special Note

Remember that since you are using the Aux/Headphone jack on the base station, it will no longer be available for use with a headset! You may use a headset on an extension phone, or by adding an additional wired extension, such as the SB67118.)

M.O.H. On Setting

This video also demonstrates the important step of turning the Music On Hold function “on”. Again, using the Menu/Enter button, reveal the “M.O.H. On/Off” selection and save the “on” setting.

Review M.O.H.

The final setup step shown here is to review the audio that is playing. This will confirm the presence of on hold music and messaging on the phone. Using the Menu/Enter button, we find the “Review M.O.H.” function and select “Aux In Device” to monitor the sound coming from the music on-hold player.

Volume Setting

If necessary, the volume level must be adjusted on the music on hold player. The telephone base does not have a music on hold volume setting.


On balance this setup is an inexpensive way to set up a 4-line phone system with extension phones, the ability to expand to additional extensions, automated attendant function and a world-class phone on hold music and message installation.

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