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Music On Hold Message Scripts & Tips

Message On Hold Best Practices

Why Messages On Hold

Every day, professional, well-established companies (many of them brand names you know) call on Easy On Hold to create custom music on hold messages. It’s interesting to learn why these firms have finally decided to take advantage of time callers spend on hold. Maybe the boss called in and was shocked at what was playing. Maybe the phone system has been upgraded. What about your office? Is it time to use messages on hold? Here are six major motivators, one of which may describe your situation.

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Message On Hold Marketing Strategy

Easy On Hold is taking the marketer's approach to customer on hold time. The current trend in phone on hold technology makes it easy for businesses to use the telephone as a marketing tool. At Easy On Hold, that marketing system is called The Anytime Plan. What makes targeted, timely announcements possible is internet-based equipment that can schedule custom on hold messages callers hear while waiting on hold. Automatic Scheduling allows marketers to easily promote time-sensitive events, products, services, seasonal offers, etc. to callers on hold.

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On Hold Messages That Work

There are 3 main avenues of commerce into just about every business: Your front door, the Internet and your phones. All are important, but the telephone is possibly the most overlooked gateway to your success. Effective messages on hold improve business by communicating the latest and greatest to a captive audience already interested in doing business with you. Here are 5 vital tips for best practices in developing on hold messages the work.

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Music On Hold Basics

Waiting on hold is a fact of life, and part of doing business. Perhaps it is time to consider ways to improve your "on hold image". Of course, just about everyone has been on hold and just about no one likes it! It is up to you, the business owner or manager to do something about this fact. Music on hold or messages on hold is an affordable solution to the problem, but can be more than just "filler".

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