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On Hold Messages That Work

Waiting on hold is a fact of life, and part of doing business.

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It's safe to say that just about everyone has been on hold and just about no one likes it! It is up to you, the business owner or manager to do something about this fact. Music on hold or messages on hold is an affordable solution to the problem, but can be more than just "filler".

What is music on hold?

Basically, when we refer to "music on hold" we're talking about a licensed music background or music mixed with voiced announcements that playing 24/7 into your phone system. The only time music on hold is heard is when a hold button is depressed somewhere in your office.

Make the wait great™

At Easy On Hold, our mantra is "make the wait great" because we know that music on hold can be an effective way of enhancing caller wait times. How we do that is by presenting helpful information on this site and over the phone at 1-888-798-4653 (HOLD) that will help you decide whether your callers should be hearing music with voice over announcements or just music alone when experiencing hold times. We call our team members "music on hold experts" because of their high level of competence, due to extensive training and experience.

Music on hold and auto-attendant: what's the difference?

Music on hold and auto-attendant are separate telephone system functions. When callers reach an automated attendant at your office, they're hearing announcements that are typically recorded into the phone system itself, and functions as part of the voice mail module of the phone system. This is part of the phone system is separate from the music on hold function. Auto attendant announcements are also referred to as IVR, ACR, call routing, call tree, phone tree or phone prompts.

Music on hold is increasingly necessary and desirable

Many surveys have shown that music on hold and on hold messaging are increasingly necessary and helpful to business callers. These surveys are often quoted by message on hold companies and are used liberally throughout the web to make the case for music on hold services. The best reason to use music on hold is that you may lose a caller who believes that silence indicates a dropped call or hang-ups due to unpleasant, unprofessional or irrelevant on hold content (as is the case with a radio station played on hold). Callers prefer to hear relevant information while they're holding.

  • Silence causes confusion (did they hang up on me?).
  • Radio allows other companies, including your competitors, to advertise to your client (not to mention it's illegal).
  • An outdated message puts your long-time customers on notice that things just aren't very fresh and new around your place.

Think about the message you want to send. Talk to the music on hold experts about easy solutions for keeping callers on the line with custom, professional messaging and great sounding music.