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On Hold Messaging Plan Provides Marketing Strategy

Julie cook from easy on hold.

Easy On Hold is taking the marketer's approach to customer on hold time. The current trend in phone on hold technology makes it easy for businesses to use the telephone as a marketing tool. At Easy On Hold, that marketing system is called The Anytime Plan. What makes targeted, timely announcements possible is internet-based equipment that can schedule custom on hold messages callers hear while waiting on hold. Automatic Scheduling allows marketers to easily promote time-sensitive events, products, services, seasonal offers, etc. to callers on hold.

Video describes the plan

In a newly-released video, Julie Cook, President of Easy On Hold says, "It beats out monthly plans offered by other message on hold providers, because it allows you to update any time you need to, as often as once per week." The Anytime Plan: On Hold Messaging Marketing Plan by Easy On Hold Easy On Hold Technical Lead Tim Brown describes the internet message on hold system as, "truly hands-free," adding, "the unit is constantly checking back with our studio for new content or changed instructions. That kind of connectivity with the digital equipment does make it easy."

Changing the messages frequently, easily

The idea of making it easy to change on hold messaging at a business phone system is one of the reasons Easy On Hold was founded. The company began producing and deploying on hold messaging as far back as 1997, after surveying businesses to learn about attitudes toward on hold advertising. "We heard that it took too long and was too complicated to change the messages," explains Brown. "The newest internet-load technologies keep our clients out of the phone room and focused on doing more business."

Custom on hold messages are provided by Easy On Hold and delivered by the server at the Easy On Hold Studios. Easy On Hold's Julie Cook explains that a major cruise line is using the Easy On Hold Anytime Plan to offer last-minute upgrades. The Anytime Plan is a robust marketing plan that is easy to use, comes with free equipment, script writing and talent. "This is how to use on hold time as strategic marketing."