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6 Reasons Why Companies Want Messages On Hold


Every day, professional, well-established companies (many of them brand names you know) call on Easy On Hold to create custom music on hold messages. It’s interesting to learn why these firms have finally decided to take advantage of time callers spend on hold. Maybe the boss called in and was shocked at what was playing. Maybe the phone system has been upgraded. What about your office? Is it time to use messages on hold? Here are six major motivators, one of which may describe your situation.

1. My competitor has on-hold messages, so I have to have something similar.

In competitive analysis, a company attempts to uncover the methods and means behind a successful marketing plan. "What worked for them might also work for us," is the thought. When you compare your competitor's on-hold experience to yours, it doesn't take long to tell the difference.

2. My boss heard our on hold and hates it.

Somewhere, at some time, someone heard the silence or fuzzy radio or simply awful music on hold and declared, "We can do better than this!" And that person was in a position to do something about it. Often this means appointing a team member (marketing, I.T. or office admin) the task of obtaining a music message on hold solution.

3. We want to move products and services through on hold messaging.

As the definition of marketing begins to broaden in the information age, every opportunity is considered. Where can we find our target market? There's definitely a vibrant marketing channel available through your phone's hold button. There, callers who are already interested in your products and services are waiting to hear what you can do for them.

4. We're taking a careful look at our entire image.

It's an image thing. How is our business perceived? How do we shape those perceptions? How do we build the brand? A good deal of investment is made into creating, managing and protection your brand. A small investment in a message on hold program will go a long way toward maintaining that good image.

5. Frustrating callers and losing business.

Silence causes people to think they've been hung up on, or have lost the cell phone signal. Radio can deliver noise, unpleasant talk and worst of all—advertising (even for your competitors). These frustrations cause a higher rate of call abandonment. Today's callers quickly go elsewhere when they don't get what they're looking for right away. Companies that think they may be losing sales to call abandonment are probably doing so. They need a professional on hold solution.

6. We've got a new phone system.

Business telephone technology is getting better and cheaper, allowing small companies to handle calls with "big company" style. As part of upgrading the phone system, companies are looking for good quality voices to use in the ACD/IVR (automated attendant) queues and while callers are waiting on hold. Firms are well-advised to check on the new phone system's on hold message capabilities. A custom message on hold program can also include the voice mail and attendant messages you'll also need with that new phone system.