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Music On Hold Messages For 2 to 4 Line Phones

Even if you don't have a phone system, we can help.
Message Adapters for PANASONIC, AT&T, RCA, GE, Small Office Telephones.

A music on hold adapter may make music and messages on hold work with your current phones, providing a place to plug in your music source. The Skutch brand adapters we offer activate audio to callers when the Hold button is engaged (not the star or flash key as with some cheaper adapters).

Skutch adapters are made to work with specific phone brands and models. Find the name of your phone brand and the model number of the phones you use in your office. The adapter locator tool below will help you locate the correct adapter for your phone brand and model.

You will still need our music on hold player with this setup.

Adapters are not music on hold source devices or on hold players. Adapters are "activators" that allow audio from your music on hold player to pass through to callers when you depress the hold button. 30 day money back guarantee on all products. Phone support available, ships within one business day.

Easy On Hold can help you play music for callers on-hold when you press the Hold button on your ordinary phone, such as 2-line and 4-line Panasonic, AT&T, RCA, GE, and other small office telephones.

What does a music on hold adapter do? The use of a Music On Hold Adapter is needed to activate music when the hold button is depressed and to provide an interface for introducing an audio stream to your phone.

adapter to make music on hold work on 2 line AT&T phone

About Skutch Electronics

Skutch Electronics, Inc. designs and builds telecommunication equipment. Since 1977, Skutch has produced a line of approximately 20 products at its facilities in Roseville, California.

Skutch Electronics offers a 30-day 100-percent satisfaction guaranteed. If not completely happy, you may return the product to Easy On Hold within 30 days from the delivery date, in new unmarked condition, prepaid, insured and with all of it's original parts and instructions. We will provide full credit to your account.


Skutch products sold in the USA to companies in the USA are warranted against defects for a period of one year from the date of the original invoice. Within that period, it will be repaired without charge for parts and labor. Skutch Electronics provides technical support from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. In our experience, Skutch Electronics has been very helpful to our Easy On Hold clients, helping set up and troubleshoot over the phone with excellent results.

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