On Site (On Premise) PBX

How Messages On Hold Work On Your Phones

Not all phone systems are "in the cloud".

An on site, or on-premise PBX or Key system is a telephone system that brings all phone extensions to one central control box. At one time, all phone systems worked in this way. The phone equipment was on site, or on-premise.

Due to the availability of high speed broadband, phone systems have become "IP" based, which stands for "internet protocol". Calls are handed through servers that reside either off site (off premise) or on site (on premise). The location of these phone servers (also called platforms) can determine how music on hold functions.

illustration or diagram shows music on hold device plugged into on site phone system

Easy On Hold® 2-Channel Business Audio System connected to Avaya Office IP on-premise phone system.

Digital vs. Audio Cable Connections

On premise IP-PBX systems may be able to receive audio by embedding a URL (internet streaming audio web address) at the user interface. Some are able to use a digital connection offered by the 2-Channel Business Audio System from Easy On Hold®, which broadcasts audio on an I.P. address (Cicso CUCM and Genesys Pure Engage). Other IP-PBX systems have an audio jack for a wired connection from the 2CBAS device via auduio cable.

Legacy PBX systems with a sound card typically allow music on hold to connect from an audio cable, using either a provided jack on the phone system or on a punchdown block.

How to Replace Music On Hold Source

if you have music on hold playing now

Can you hear music on hold now? A device such as a music on hold player that is playing audio (music and/or messages) through the MOH input into your phone system? Easy On Hold® can supply a new audio production that can be used with on hold players that take .mp3 audio.

No connection for an external device? Likely, an internal audio file is loaded into your phone system and serves as the source of the on-hold audio. Easy On Hold® can work with your telephone technician or vendor to be sure that you receive new audio content in the file format that is appropriate for your phone system.

How to Replace Music On Hold

if you currently hear silence on hold

Check to see if you have an input on your PBX phone system labelled "MOH" which stands for "music on hold". If you do have an MOH jack, you will need to check to see if it is "active". Most PBX phone systems have three "music on hold states": On - Off - Beep Tone. Your phone system may require programming.

If you do not have an MOH jack, one can be installed by a reputable telephone technician with music on hold experience. In the case of Nortel (Norstar, Meridian) and similar brand phones, often we see that the music on hold jack is not present. Contact a reputable telephone technician are request that a music on hold input be "punched down" or attached to the connection block in your telephone room. If possible, it is always best to speak with the technician or firm that installed your phone system.

Easy On Hold is not responsible for the performance, installation or operation of equipment we do not sell. Articles about equipment are for educational purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of any make or brand. Easy On Hold makes no claims or warranties regarding telephone equipment of any kind.

Digital IP or audio cable connection IP PBX

  • CISCO CUCM: digital IP connection in RTP
  • CISCO UCCE w/VVB: digital IP connection in PCM
  • Avaya 7.0+ w/Aura MS: URL in HLS
  • Asterisk: URL in http.mp3
  • Allworx: audio cable
  • Elastix: URL in http.mp3
  • Switchvox: audio cable via Sabrent AU-MMSA USB Sound Card Adapter
  • X-Blue: audio cable
  • Genesys Pure Engage: digital IP connection in HLS
  • iPitomy: URL in http.mp3
  • Fortinet: URL in http.mp3

Legacy Sound Card PBX

  • ESI (Estech)
  • Shoretel
  • Nortel
  • Toshiba
  • Hitachi
  • Iwatsu
  • NEC
  • Pansonic
  • Samsung
  • Mitel