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These features make Brandi Music For Business® from Easy On Hold® a better, easier music service.

  • Unlimited genres and artists
  • Profanity-free and family-friendly
  • More variety with our proprietary shuffle
  • No playlists to maintain
  • 100% legal, with licenses paid on your behalf
  • Great holiday music channels
  • Custom programming to change channels hands-free
  • Block unwanted songs
  • Track history of every song and announcement
  • Secure, redundant, scaleable
  • Sharp 192Kbps crystal clear audio
  • Only 0.025 GB/hr bandwidth consumption
  • Cloud based and local failover audio
  • Use wired or wireless
  • Authorized dashboard; tamper-proof
  • Free 14-day trial

This streaming business music service is heard in restaurants, hotels, credit unions, offices, gyms and spas throughout the US and Canada.

Credit Union of America
Los Angeles county
Highgate Hotels
Sky Fitness
Johnson Electric
Peery Hotel
Dort Federal Credit Union

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Standard music license covers performance rights for ASCAP, SESAC, BMI, GMR and SOCAN.

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Music For Business Service Q & A

QHow does the music system work?

AYour streaming audio comes through an internet-connected audio player. A basic internet connection with speeds of 5MB or more will be adequate.

QHow does the audio player work?

A Plug the internet audio player into the internet and your in-store or background music audio system. Log in to your online account to make programming changes, which are heard immediately on your audio player.

QWhat kind of music can be played in store?

A You'll play all original artists. Instrumentals, Hits, Hot Adult Contemporary, Jazz, Retro, Acoustic, Christian, Smooth Jazz, 80's-90's-2000's, and more. And don't forget the holidays! There are 5 great Christmastime channels, including Christmas Crooners, Christmas Holiday Pop, Christmas Holiday Instrumentals and Christmas Sacred. Not everyone will agree entirely on the music, but with this new system you can make changes any time.   Browse Music Channels

QHow can I customize the music mix?

A Your online control panel lets you blend up to 4 unique channels (styles) of music, to create the sound that fits your brand. If you hear a song you don't like, it can be stopped from playing in the future with just one click.

QDo I still need to pay ASCAP and BMI?

A No, not for background music. Your annual service fee covers all background music use licenses including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC Global Music Rights and SOCAN. If you're in the USA or Canada, you're covered. If you've heard that it's illegal to play music without a license, you heard right.   Music Licensing Basics

QHow are announcements programmed?

A Send us your ideas or scripts for your short promotional announcements. We'll record your choice of male or female voices placed into your audio stream. You can determine when each announcement plays, and how many songs play between announcements. Short, focused announcements with a clear call to action get results.