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Logo Radio - Exciting New Music On Hold Concept

The music callers love, plus powerful "branding IDs".

For call centers, customer support lines and anywhere hold times can get a bit too long, we present Logo Radio. Callers hear popular music (songs people know). Between the songs a short (5 to 15 seconds) branding message plays. The overall effect is that of your brand’s own radio station.

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Logo Radio Demo 

Get the sound for your brand in just a few minutes.

Your dashboard.

Set Announcement Interval. The music is never interrupted. Just choose the number of songs that play betweeen announcements.

Message Management. The announcement schedules are displayed. Choose days, times, end dates.

Playback History. See the number of plays and click the History icon to view each and every day and time the message has played.

Set Schedule. Click the microphone icon to change the message schedule.

screenshot of Logo Radio by Easy On Hold and Brandi Music - set announcement schedules.

A refreshing change from the expected.

Easy On Hold offers some unique alternatives to the expected “hold music”. Intended for hold times of 3 minutes or more, Logo Radio plays popular music (songs people know). In between the songs a short (5 to 10 seconds) branding message plays. The overall effect is that of a brand’s own radio station. In a call service or support center, for example, longer hold times are expected, opening the door to more creative alternatives.

A Big Hit For T-Mobile

For wireless carrier T-Mobile, unifying the caller experience over 13 call centers and up to 12-thousand agents was a daunting task. Until approaching Easy On Hold, callers were hearing a variety of hold music (or nothing at all) when on hold. In addition, hold times can be 30 minutes or longer. The Logo Radio feed is now playing along with short updates on new products and services every 2 to 3 songs. Customers have also changed their tune. From Twitter:

This T-Mobile hold music is J.Los’ If You Had My Love. I swear it’s like they know my heart! (Sept. 15, 2018)
I’m on hold with T-MOBILE right now and they’re playing “The Boy is Mine” as their hold music. Green Day was playing before. I don’t know what the (expletive) is going on here but it’s completely quelled my anger. (June 14, 2018)
I was just on hold with T-Mobile and they used Bring Me The Horizon as hold music. What a time to be alive. (May 8, 2018)
I’m on hold with T-Mobile right now and instead of the regular hold song, they’re playing Linkin Park (heart icon) (July 21, 2017)

What’s going on? Callers are so delighted with an unexpected waiting experience, they’re talking about it on social media.

With Logo Radio, T-Mobile has built a customer experience that hits the mark. Emilie Kroner, head of organization engagement for consumer markets at sales data firm dunnhumby , describes the goal of customer experience strategy as “[making] customers so happy that they will want to share their positive interactions with your brand.” [American Marketing Association: The 7 Pillars of Customer Centricity]