Why does hold music sound so bad on mobile phones?

This new solution sounds better on mobile cell phones.

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A fresh, new, clear sound for callers on hold

Tired of hearing complaints from customers who say your hold music sounds bad? Warbly, garbled music on hold is no fun, and it's a poor reflection on your brand. Mobile phones (cell phones) know the difference between voice and everything else. Noise-cancelling technology attempts to knock out everything that is not voice.

At Easy On Hold® we like to think outside the box. We know that most on-hold companies will mix music behind the voice recordings for your messages on hold audio. We give you a new option called Transitions.

Hear the difference

Our own Transitions sound

A mix of voices and short musical transitions

What's different about TRANSITIONS?

Our message on hold product called Transitions removes the music from behind the voice, so phones don't fight against the sounds they're looking for. In between each voiced topic is a short musical or sound effect "transition" to help listeners think about what they heard and get ready for a new topic.

Specially selected musical transitions

The music queues used between the voice recordings are carefully edited to be brief, uncomplicated (to avoid triggering excessive noise reduction) and offer plenty of variety to match the mood, tempo and tone of each voiced topic.

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music sound wave compared to voice sound wave

Mobile phones use noise-cancelling algorithms to emphasize voice and filter out other sounds (including music).

Tom Scott Explains Why Hold Music Sounds So Bad

We contacted Tom Scott, who produced this exceptional video at the Milton Keynes Museum in Wolverton, Buckinghamshire, UK. He enthusiastically encouraged us to share it with you here! Enjoy this explanation of why phones can't do much with music, or in other words, "Why hold music sounds so bad!".