Vocal Music On Hold

Licensed for your business telephone system.


Great Sounding Independent Artists

The Easy On Hold® Universal Artist Series is vocal music licensed to be delivered in any sound format.

This is not sleepy elevator music. It’s not synthesized tones and drones. This is authentic, organic, honest indie pop from gifted singers and bands that will connect with callers. You’ll have that hit radio sound and assurance that your business is authorized for use in a stream or in the file format required by your phone system.

All Licenses Pre-Paid On Your Behalf

Every track includes all music licenses pre-paid, so you can use as many tracks as you need on your phone system. Many businesses are improperly using music recordings on their phone sytems, a practice that can lead to expensive fines. Making copies of music requires contracted performance and reproduction rights from publishers and labels. The Universal Artist Series includes the clearances you need.