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Unlimited Music and Messages On Hold Plan

The all-inclusive plan for the most effective results.

  • Messages updated any time
  • Immediate turnarounds
  • Automatically changes messages on a determined schedule
  • A variety of background music with each production
  • Daypart-specific announcements available, such as "good morning" and "good afternoon"
  • Easy to use web-based script tool and approval process
  • Additional locations at extremely discounted rates

Relax. You're up to date.

In this video, Easy On Hold president Julie Cook talks about why the Anytime Plan beats out monthly plans offered elsewhere. This plan includes equipment that updates automatically. That's important because you save time and are able to use on hold time for frequent updates and targeted marketing messages.

Make Your Hold Button Work Harder

The Anytime Plan is an unlimited messages on hold update program that coordinates with your overall marketing plan. Ask, "What do I want the caller to do?" Get the most from your callers' on hold time: make the decision to abandon the old-fashioned all-in-one on hold loop in favor of scheduled, timed, purposeful announcements.

Internet-connected hold messages player included

The Anytime Plan leverages cloud technology (an internet-connected message on hold player). With one connection to the Internet and another to your telephone system, the On Hold Message Business Audio System receives live streaming audio.

All of your audio on hold content is remotely managed. Your music tracks and announcements play exactly as programmed—exactly as needed to say the right things at the right time.

The Anytime Plan and VoIP

Many small businesses are using hosted VOIP phone systems, and we can accommodate any file format required. Please contact us so we can pair your business with the right technology.

Quick Updates Are Easy

It's easy to quickly change your Anytime Plan announcements. Thus the name—Anytime Plan. Simply log in to your account at Easy On, start a new script or edit an existing script and submit. In 3 days or less, you'll have audio to approve. Your callers start hearing the new audio within just hours of approval.

No More Running Around To All Of Your Locations

One of the reasons to use the On Hold Message Cloud Player internet-connected device is that all of your locations can receive updates as needed, immediately. No more waiting for tapes or CDs to be shipped. No running around, and no hands-on uploads. It all happens here at the Easy On Hold studio.

Say, "Good Morning" or "Good Afternoon"

With the powerful scheduling capability included with your Anytime Plan, you can:

  • Greet callers with "good morning" or "good afternoon"
  • Play special announcements on specific days of the week
  • Create start and stop dates for any announcement

As an example, imagine you've got an advertised event or promotion coming up. Use timed on-hold messages that reinforce and improve the success of your event or promotion. Your on hold message programming automatically changes, completely hands-free. Think of your Anytime Plan as your own company radio station—up to the minute, meaningful, results-oriented.