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Fortinet FortiVoice Music On Hold Solution

Stream Live Messages And Music On Hold To Your Fortinet System

Music on hold for Fortinet FortiVoice telephone systems

The trend toward streaming music on hold solutions continue. Easy On Hold has led the way, being the first professional music on hold company to offer outstanding music and message content on 128k .mp3 URL streams.

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The trend toward hosted IP telephony for business phone systems is demanding changes in music on hold message technology.[8] In November, 2013, introduced custom messages on hold streams for use with Asterisk and OnSIP phone systems.

How To Set Up Streaming MOH In Fortinet FortiVoice

The streaming URL you will receive from Easy On Hold is a long one! You will need to create a "tiny URL" in order for it to fit in the Stream URL field in the Fortinet GUI.

Once you receive the URL from Easy On Hold, go to and obtain a new, shorter URL that will work for your stream. Easy On Hold has contact Fortinet to determine of a future release will allow for longer and more secure URL formatting.

Settings In The Fortinet GUI

> Phone System
 > Audio
  > On Hold

Name: Create A Name For Your Stream

Mode: Select Streaming Mode

Stream URL Field: Enter the URL from

Click Test Stream to check the connection to the URL.


All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.

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