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Internet Device Play Music and Messages On Hold

iProMOH "Capture And Play" Device

If bandwidth is an issue, but you still would like to have fresh, up-to-date content playing on your hold button, take a closer look at the iProMOH. Rather than a constant stream, the iProMOH "captures" new content in a short internet session. Internet connectivity is minimized, yet you're never more than 60 minutes away from any update you might need.

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Hourly Updates If Necessary

The iProMOH will reach out to its home server once per hour. If there's no new updated content to be played, the device will quickly "hang up". This process takes only about 16 seconds, so you won't ever need to worry about a constant drain on your bandwidth.

Multiple location use

The web-based control of the iProMOH allows easy updating at all of your locations. Or, you can create groups of locations to receive unique and specific messages on hold.

Playlist Schedule Feature

By having Easy On Hold create playlists for specific time periods, you can rest easy, knowing your timely on hold messages will only play on the right dates! No more uploading audio files by yourself or your technical team... and no more out of date phone on hold messages.

  • Choose 1 or 2 unique output channels
  • Installs in 10 minutes to one hour
  • Ideal for frequently-changing messages
  • Ideal for multi-site businesses
  • Internet upgradable firmware
  • Remote or local volume control
  • LED indicators
  • 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Includes ethernet and audio cables
  • Wall mountable

Get Support And More Information

Visit our support for Interalia iProMOH area. More specifics are presented, along with a quick start guide and helpful links to articles and documents.

Support: Interalia iProMOH