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Streaming Internet Music On Hold Player For Business

Upgrade to live streaming phone on hold music and messages with the ProStream LT.

Affordable and effective, dependable playback for your live streaming messages on hold and background overhead music streams.

The ProStream LT streaming music on hold device opens up a new world of live streaming audio for your business phone on hold and overhead music systems. This device is built with network security and maximum uptime features.


  • Failover In the event the internet connection is interrupted, this player will automatically switch over to playing internally-stored content. The ProStream LT scans for a network connection contstantly and connects as soon as possible.
  • Reporting Each ProStream LT device reports its condition to host servers at 15-minute intervals. Connectivity logs are available upon request.
  • Wireless Option While a wired connection is preferred, The ProStream LT is built with an internal Wi-Fi antenna. Wireless connectivity may be required in situations in which the location of the phone system is far from an internet access point.
  • Static or DHCP The Easy On Hold® Tech Team will set up your device to work with the network settings you provide. Settings are easily changed in the field, if necessary.
  • Low Bandwidth Consumption This device uses only 0.025 GB per hour at 128kBps.
  • Status Light A status indicator informs you of the unit's performance. The LED provides a STEADY BLINK to indicate the stream is playing; a DOUBLE FLASH indicates the failover audio is playing.
  • Accessories Included A 10-foot-long RCA-to-3.5mm audio cable, 7-foot ethernet cable and earbut headphones are included in the box.
  • Auto Restart The ProStream LT automatically restarts after a power failure, if still plugged in.
  • Live Audio Control With your Easy On Hold® login you will receive access to your live audio streams, including player uptime reporting.
Professional streaming audio device for music on hold

Music On Hold System Compatible

For a music on hold messaging system, the ProStream LT connects to the internet to receive its 128kBps stream (192kBps for Brandi Music background retail business music service), and provides continuous audio to the phone system MOH port.

Easy To Install

Connect to your internet router (or use the built-in wifi) and connect the audio output to your audio or phone system. Use optional volume control on the device.

This professional-grade audio player device is compatible with most phone systems. The output is ideal for the connection required by your phone system. The audio cable (included) connects to your phone system's MOH input. An audio adapter plug is included for systems using alternative connections.
You'll hear full quality sound from the internal audio processors.

Secure Internet Performance Is Built In

The ProStream LT is configured for you by Easy On Hold® technicians. The player can be used in DHCP mode, or assign a unique IP address.

  • There is no web process or server on the unit.
  • No serial connection is available.
  • SSH is disabled by default.
  • The known methods for hijacking a “black box” on the network will not work.
  • USB port will not allow Linux commands.
  • There are only three outgoing requests:
    1. To listen to the stream on a single server.
    2. A status request, which goes to the same server to report uptime (not a vague internet check, only that the one specific server is up)
    3. To get the correct time (port configurable).

Recommended: use a “guest” network or DMZ to simplify network settings.