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for Assisted Living and Home Health Care

Sophisticated, comfortable. Alzheimers, daycare, a place to call home.

Recovery, home care services, 24-hour care, custom options.

The best of care, including medications, screenings, treatment programs. Covered by Medicare. Free assessment.

The highest standards of care. Qualified, certified, trained. Caring, thoughtful, reliable.

We welcome family members for special moments. A new level of trusted care, hope and healing.

Health Care Assisted Living Staff Person helping woman in wheelchair.

Every caller is a potential resident.

For those who need assistance, whether at home or in your facility, asking for help may be difficult. For seniors or family members who have decided to make the phone call to your office, it is important to provide a mix of music and messages on hold to make callers feel relaxed and welcome.

Caregivers, clinical teams, and every member of our caring staff all have three things in common: a great deal of respect, sensitivity, and compassion. These top health professionals will work with you to develop a customized service plan, helping each resident maintain a strong sense of independence and dignity. We invite you to learn more about our hands-on approach.

Sample message on hold script from Easy On Hold®.

Why Custom Messages On Hold?

  • Confidence Note the many extras you provide so residents and their families are assured they are making the right choice.
  • Events Boosting attendance at community and social events can provide a strong opportunity for growth.
  • Holidays At the holidays, we can often feel blue when we're concerned about a senior family member. This is the time to change the music on hold to a cheerful holiday tune.
  • Amenities. Describe your facility and services in a way that paints a beautiful picture. We can help choose the right words.
  • Action Demonstrate that your services and facilities offer an active, fun lifestyle for today's engaged seniors!

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