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Use hold time to share your values, such as sustainability.

Inform callers of the 2-year and 4-year degrees being offered.

Tell callers when it's time to sign up for classes. Use our message automation to schedule start and stop dates for each announcement.

You work with your students' busy schedules. Talk about how flexbile your programs really are.

Your graduates are prepared to face challenges, and offer much to the communities in which they live, work and learn.

Promote your special programs to the community.

Spread the excellent reputation of your boarding or military school. Our production team knows how to convey a strong image.

students at Colorado Mountain College.

Colorado Mountain College informs students about opportunities that await at several picturesque locations. Photo by Scott Franz.

Connect with Students and the Community

A message on hold solution can be implemented campus-wide or across campuses. Phone systems are becoming more unified, offering centralized control for geographically diverse facilities. Even if your campuses are using unique phone systems, the Easy On Hold Internet-connected solution allows centrally-controlled message coordination and deployment. Networked on hold message players check in with the Easy On Hold studio daily, allowing fast messaging updates across the entire platform. This approach increases the effectiveness of the messaging by allowing more timely content, while reducing costs through hands-free management.

Callers placed on hold represent a communications and marketing opportunity for any institution. Here are some examples of messages Easy On Hold has been providing for colleges and universities.

Choose an experienced education messaging provider: Easy On Hold®

Easy On Hold is experienced in providing complete on hold messaging solutions to institutions including Arcadia University (Glenside, PA), Kalamazoo Valley Community College (Kalamazoo, MI), Peirce College (Philadelphia, PA), Colorado Mountain College (Glennwood Springs, CO), Premiere Career College (Irwindale, CA), Bellarmine University (Louisville, KY), University of Albany (Albany, NY), University of Mississippi Medical Center (Jackson, MS), Taylor University (Upland IN), Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (New York, NY), Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach FL), Milwaukee Public Schools.

Serving excellent educational institutions and school systems for 22+ years.

Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Missouri Baptist University
Colorado Mountain College
Northwest Careeer College
Collier County Public Schools
Icahn School of Medicine
St. Mary's Academy
Howe Academo
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Taylor College
Peirce College
Milwaukee Public Schools
Arcadia University
Hardin Simmons College