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Case Study: How To Build Your Image

More than numbers, accounting firm Cole Gavlas PC delivers "insight that feels right". Building a strong brand as a business advisory service firm takes focus, says partner Jeffrey Cole. "We know that what people want the end of the day is a good night's sleep. That you've defined your goals and are making the right day-to-day decisions in support of those goals." It's a cohesive message. One that needs to be communicated to every client in every way possible.

Message On Hold Grows Your Brand

Communicating your approach, values and style define your firm. Telephone on hold messaging should be part of your marketing and communications plan. Here are some simple steps to growing your brand with on-hold marketing messages:

  • Develop a value statement that briefly and simply describes what your firm accomplishes for your clientele.
  • Talk to clients or use a survey to gather comments about why they chose your firm and continue to use your services.
  • Name three differences between your firm and other, similar firms in your area.
  • Write down three advantages your firm provides over tax preparation alternatives, such as software or do-it-yourself solutions.
  • Create a list of "tips" that clients will find useful.

These are just a few ways to get some ideas flowing. Next, talk to your Easy On Hold® music on hold expert who will develop a free custom message on hold demo you can hear in 3 business days. Once you begin working with the Easy On Hold team, your custom script, music and announcements come together to create a powerful communications tool that works for you every day, automatically.

Tax Time Is Callers-On-Hold Time

Of course, no one likes waiting on hold, but it's a part of doing business. During tax preparation season, more callers will be on-hold as you get busier and busier. Each call represents the opportunity for more business, and your reputation is on the line. Providing something helpful while clients wait on hold will make your service sound professional while building that brand in the minds of the people who will be supporting your firm into the future.