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Looking to fuel your dental or orthodontic office with new ways to grow and improve the patient experience? Easy On Hold is a proud partner with Sesame Communications, helping dental care providers harness the power of the Internet to accelerate new patient acquisition and transform the patient experience. Websites, social media and more—from the experts at Sesame.

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Dr. Maria-Isabel Atique

"We are very satisfied with the result."

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Dr Peter J Zwier DDS, MAGD

"EasyOnHold rocks! We are so happy with the custom message recorded for our practice. There was little we had to do on our end to receive amazing service and quality follow-up."

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Dr. Eugene Kim DDS

SD Dental Group

"The message on hold production is great!"

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Fairbanks Orthodontics Office

Hear samples of Messages On Hold For Orthodontist Offices, including Fairbanks Orthodontics (office shown here).

Fairbanks Orthodontics Offers Special Promotions

A great example of an orthodontic practice taking full advantage of "on hold time" is heard at Fairbanks Orthodontics in Lehi, Utah. Our script writer works with their team to develop complimentary hold messages that support their efforts to tell patients about ongoing special events, offers and promotions.

The Fairbanks Orthodontics "F3" program is a referral program that offers participants dinner and a movie. The Multiple Family Member Discount and the Super Moms! Club also are supported with ongoing phone on hold messages.

Fairbanks Orthodontics is an orthodontic care organization that understands the value of custom messages on hold. Since a majority of callers experience at least some on-hold time, Fairbanks gets the conversation going with a custom message on-hold production from Easy On Hold. This professional sound quickly convinces callers that the practice is established, professional and cares.

Orthodontics Consultants Recommend Messages On Hold makes a recommendation to orthodontic offices: use smart messages on hold to inform patients and parents.

With our media driven-society, it is important to get your message out as often as possible. But more importantly, on hold messages build confidence in your practice, and serve to let your callers know they are appreciated.

Orthodontic consultant Cathy Sundval offers these 10 vital pieces of information that you can pass along via on-hold messaging:

  • Spark their interest in a new innovative treatment modality: Incognito™ Hidden Braces, Invisalign, and aesthetic brackets
  • Reinforce your branding strategy—"We start treatment at the right time!"
  • Tell them more about your practice mission and your vision
  • Inform them about your office hours and days in the office
  • Present your scheduling and appointment policy
  • Answer your most frequently asked questions
  • Introduce them to the doctor, associate or team member of the month
  • Inform them about upcoming contests, patient events and marketing events, both internal and external
  • Inform them of employment opportunities
  • Remind them about your website address

The Digital Dental Practice

Sesame Communications offers insight into dental marketing and communications.

Patient portals, dental practice websites, social marketing, search engine optimization—how is your practice at adopting digital technology to improve patient engagement? Sesame Communications commissioned a national study from respected research firm Dental Products Report that reveals eye-opening details about the adoption of digital marketing technology.

The results of the study are discussed in a new dental marketing whitepaper available now from dental digital marketing firm Sesame Communications.