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Messages On Hold Samples

Pictured: The world famous Fontainebleau Miami Beach, an Easy On Hold® customer.

Sample Phone On Hold Messages

for hotel, resort, hospitality businesses.

Holiday Inn
Well-appointed rooms. Business meeting facilities. Banquet room.

Built for fun. RV resort, hotel resort, casino and resort.

Welcome! There's so much to experience in our great area.

Smart and sophisticated messages on hold.

Callers notice the professional voice, matched throughout their phone call journey.

J W Mariott hotel in Grand Rapids Michigan exterior at dusk

The beautiful J.W. Mariott in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Custom phone on hold messaging by Easy On Hold®.

Phone call management is critical to the success of your hospitality business.

Your guest's stay usually begins with a phone call. Is it a friction point for your hotel? Bad customer service is a very common guest complaint that can lead to a very bad review.

While you pay attention to room quality, wi-fi, proper billing, etc., let an automated message on hold keep callers in a good mood and staying on the line.

How to implement phone on hold messages that exceed expectations.

The Easy On Hold® streaming messages on hold are time-sensitive through cloud automation. Guests are greeted with "good morning" and "good afternoon". Special time-of-day and day-of-week topics are so pinpoint relevant to the caller that they feel like you really care. Callers stay on hold longer and are impressed with specific information they actually find very interesting.

This high-touch approach to handling callers waiting "on-hold" is helping many marketing and tech-savvy hotels today, thanks to the unique streaming technology developed by Easy On Hold®.

Hotel On Hold Strategy

  • Amenities
  • Local Attractions
  • Weddings
  • New Year's Eve Packages
  • Family Vacation Packages
  • Spa Services
  • Restaurants
  • Upgrade Offers
  • Loyalty Program

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Music makes a difference, and our business music system gives you automation and flexibility.(And unlike personal media accounts, our service is legal for use in a business!)

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