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Sample Restaurant Messages On Hold

Toppings, crusts, rave reviews, online ordering

Increase bookings for corporate parties and family celebrations

Signature drinks, entertainment, specials, brews, happy hour

Desserts, lunch menu, delivery, social media

Traditions, talented chef, music, family specials, catering

Have you heard the "restaurant story"?

True story: Man calls restaurant to make reservations and is placed on hold, where he hears the local radio station playing a commercial for another restaurant. He hangs up and decides to go there instead. Aftward, he begins cooking up a solution for restaurants and other businesses who want to keep business, not lose business, by properly using hold time to promote themselves. More than 20 years later the concept, today called Easy On Hold®, is one of the leading music and messaging on hold businesses in the country.

Considering that the average hold time in America is 43 seconds—almost the length of a radio commercial—you have a significant opportunity to tell your callers exactly what you want them to hear about you.

Impulse Buys

A customer calls your pizza parlor at the dinner hour. You place them on hold while you take another order. While they're holding, they hear about the cheese bread special for $1.99 with any order. They weren't thinking about cheese bread when they called, but it's beginning to sound good. When you come back on the line, you take an order for pizza-and an order for cheese bread. All thanks to the power of on hold.

Shape Perceptions

There's nothing worse than calling a restaurant that claims to create an unforgettable experience and being placed on hold in silence-one wonders if they've been hung up on. Or worse yet, they begin to form a negative opinion about the restaurant because it appears you didn't think through every aspect of your relationship with them-in person, on the phone, and on hold. Too many restaurants miss opportunities to shape how their customers feel about them—all because they neglected their callers' on-hold experience.

A Strong Marketing Idea

A recent article at Restaurant asks, "think about how successful your restaurant could be if you regularly gave competent attention to each of these three areas. Imagine that your marketing received the attention it deserves with the result being well-conceived and well-executed promotional activities, events and communicating to your database of regular customers."

Messages on hold are always on when you can't get to the caller right away.

Restaurant marketing automation is picking up steam, as restaurants push their hold buttons into action with custom on hold marketing systems. On hold messages say the right things to the right people, and play 24/7. One more way to advertise and one less thing to worry about.

"Marketing is getting the word out about the restaurant and positioning it correctly in the minds of the public. It includes public relations, community involvement, advertising, promotions and projecting the right image," says When customers call to ask about location, table availability, hours, menu, etc., they will only wait on hold for a short time before moving on to another establishment. In addition to keeping these callers from going elsewhere, on hold messaging accomplishes your marketing goals:

Overhead Music For Restaurants — Free Trial

  • Choose from over 70 channels of music by your favorite artists
  • Blend channels for a unique mix that reflects your brand
  • Schedule music to automatically change for lunch, dinner, late-night
  • Block unwanted songs
  • Track history of every song and announcement
  • Use music to mask kitchen noise and private conversation

National Restaurant Association Guide For Music

The National Restaurant Association has published a guide to the legal use of music in your restaurant. When you use Easy On Hold (our streaming music service is known as Brandi Music for businesses) your licenses are paid as part of the service. Ask us!

Music makes a difference, and our business music system gives you automation, variety and flexibility.

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