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IVR, telephone greetings, prompts, auto-attendant.

Because you can't always pick up the phone!

Boost customer service quality at your business by using professionally recorded voice mail greetings for your telephone system voicemail box, auto-attendant, IVR, ACD and phone prompts.

"Thank you for calling ABC Company. For sales press one. For support press 2..."

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Auto Attendant Samples

Learn about telephone greetings and prompts. Lots of great tips!.

These recordings can be confused with message on hold greetings. The difference? Auto attendant greetings are picked up by the phone system when a human doesn’t answer. Messages on hold greetings are heard when the caller is placed on hold by a human (or when an auto attendant system puts the caller into a hold queue). Rely on Easy On Hold for announcements that enhance customer service and impress callers.


Translation Services Available

La traducción profesional y las grabaciones de voz en español son una especialidad nuestra. Simplemente solicite servicio de traducción cuando hablemos con usted al 1-888-798-4653.

Easy On Hold peut coordonner votre traduction de scripts et vos talents de voice-over masculins et féminins dans la langue requise pour vos appelants.

Easy On Hold can coordinate your script translation and male and/or female voiceover talent in the language needed for your callers.


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