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92% of customers will base their opinion of a company on the quality of the recorded voice greeting experience!

63% of customers will stop doing business with a company if they have a bad IVR or "phone tree" experience.

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95% of consumers say customer service influences brand choice and loyalty.

61% of mobile users call a business when they're in the purchase phase of the buying cycle.

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Let us give your business a professional touch.

42% of customers say they will take their business elsewhere after a frustrating experience with auto attendant, voicemail, or IVR.

Call Center IVR

When Shaw Flooring, NYU Langone Medical Center and Frontier Communications needed call center IVR voice recordings, they chose Easy On Hold®.

IVR recordings can be confused with message on hold greetings. The difference? Messages on hold greetings are heard when the caller is placed on hold by a human (or when an auto attendant system puts the caller into a hold queue).

Professional Automated Attendant

Essentially, when we refer to Auto-Attendant, we are referring to the verbal directions callers received—"Thank you for calling ABC Company. For sales press one. For support press 2..." Auto attendant greetings are picked up by the phone system when a human doesn’t answer.

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The business world is truly international. When you're ready to integrate a variety of languages into your call center recordings, choose Easy On Hold®. You'll receive fast turnaround times, accurate translations and professional voice recordings.

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After-hours greetings, business voicemail greetings and automated attendant IVR greetings are defined. Tips for getting started with professional voice recordings for your phone system.

9 Tips For Call Center IVR, Queue Music, Call Routing

In this report, we will dig into how to improve your call center experience–from the caller’s point of view. Call centers have many different ways of handling calls. We all have had some disappointing experiences when calling a company for information, customer support or technical help. When calls come in, a recorded voice greeting provides multiple options.

What Should My Voicemail Greeting Say?

6 steps to a better voicemail experience. One of our most popular articles.

Automated Telephone Greeetings

As consumers, we fear the dreaded “phone tree” that might (or might not) direct us into the correct department. (Admit it: you’ve pounded on the “0” key to get around the auto-attendant.) In this article we focus on giving your telephone greetings and prompts a professional touch.

Voice quality and accuracy determine caller experience

 Comcast phone prompts just got 10000000% more annoying.
 I appreciate you breaking the change to me gently, automated phone attendant, but tbh I just wasn’t all that into your former menu options.
 20 minutes on the phone and I’m still unable to get past the @UPS automated phone service. Can y’all help me on here...


Translation Services Available

La traducción profesional y las grabaciones de voz en español son una especialidad nuestra. Simplemente solicite servicio de traducción cuando hablemos con usted al 1-888-798-4653.

Easy On Hold peut coordonner votre traduction de scripts et vos talents de voice-over masculins et féminins dans la langue requise pour vos appelants.

Easy On Hold can coordinate your script translation and male and/or female voiceover talent in the language needed for your callers.

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