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Retail and Business Background Music

New Streaming Overhead, In-Store Music Service

Choose from a dazzling array of uninterrupted music channels. You'll hear the artists and songs that appeal to your visitors and staff, playing continuously from a simple streaming device that provides high quality sound and easy operation.

  • No announcements or interruptions, as with XM Sirius, internet radio or AM/FM radio.
  • Pre-screened content to avoid embarrassing inappropriate lyrics or content.
  • Choose to blend various styles of music to create your own unique sound.
  • Legal: monthly fee includes all ASCAP/BMI/SESAC music licensing obligations.
  • Add an additional zone with its own unique sound for a small additional monthly fee.
diagram of overhead business music system

Stop Playing "DJ"

You've got better things to do than play around with the radio, Pandora feeds, CD selections, mp3 playlists or satellite radio. If you let employees choose, they'll probably play what they like, not the music that's right for your business. Satellite radio may be cheap, but you'll still hear station identification and promos, not to mention the occasional static and silence that comes from atmospheric disruptions.

Get Legal

Ever try to deal with all of the music licensing organizations? Ever get contacted by an agent threatening your business with a fine? Use a professional background music service from Easy on Hold, and your licenses are covered.

Easy On Hold is the official reseller of Brandi Music

How To Program Your Music Streams