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Streaming Music On Hold Device Support

There were two ProStream devices: Legacy and LT Versions

Legacy ProStream: Blue and Silver, metal enclosure.

The first edition ProStream had a custom circuit board and volume potentiometer as well as RCA type output connections.

download the prostream legacy instructions and features pdf

Download the original owner's manual "Installation and Features" document as a pdf.

Working In The Business Network Environment

ProStream music on hold device setup ProStream Device Report Icon

Streaming traffic in the business environment requires permissions, and in some cases a static I.P. address for the streaming device. Your network must allow traffic to at least one domain or server. To reduce complications, the ProStream was built to utilize only the following destinations:

  • Port 123: UDP Network Time Protocol
  • Port 80: TCP HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) - used for transferring web pages
  • Port 443: TCP HTTPS - HTTP Protocol over TLS/SSL (encrypted transmission)
  • Port 53: TCP DNS
  • Port 80: TCP Stream
  • URL: streaming url may vary; obtain from Easy On Hold support
  • This is considered a very minimal port utilization scheme, and greatly reduces the permissions required, compared to previously available streaming devices. These specifications do not change over time.

    Setup Tips and Options

    • Use the internet-connected player outside of your firewall
    • Create a DMZ on your network to allow the player to operate
    • Use a guest network that is not firewall protected
    • Bring in a separate internet connection on its own public IP for use with this device

    Unique Features

    Failover Feature

    The ProStream device contains a “failover” feature. If the device cannot re-connect to theinternet within a time period of about 4 minutes, audio files that have been loaded into anonboard memory on the device will begin to play continuously. When the device is able toreconnect to the internet, streaming immediately resumes.

    Wireless Feature

    The ProStream can be adapted to use the internet wirelessly, using a high-quality antenna forextended range, required in situations in which the location of the phone system is far froman internet access point.

    Static I.P. Feature

    The ProStream can be configured DHCP or STATIC, using a simple .txt file via USB.


    • Power Supply: 12 VDC
    • Stream Sample Rate: 128k mono .mp3
    • Internet: RJ45 10/100
    • Mounting: Built in mounting tabs or rubber feet
    • Dimensions: 5.8" X 5.2" X 1.7"
    • Weight: 2.0 LB with packaging
    ProStream with features shown

    Multiple location use

    Use of this device at multiple locations offers universal control, and automation. The audio content is streaming constantly, and your custom hold message changes take place automatically, on a schedule that you decide. Hands-free updating means you won't be pulling employees off the job to change on-hold messages.

    Single location use

    This player can be used at a single location to provide 24/7 audio feed to your phones.

    Safe, secure operation on your network

    This internet radio device is always safe to use on your network. It is currently in use in many types of businesses, including banks, universities, government institutions and other high-security settings. Easy On Hold programs your audio stream; the streaming device simply "listens".

    Small Bandwidth Consumption

    Easy On Hold provides a custom monaural http .mp3 stream at 128kbps. It consumes approximately 20Kbps of broadband during normal use.

    System Plays Only Your Custom Music On Hold Stream

    The stream is a 128k .mp3 stream delivered over http. It's much like listening to Pandora or an internet radio station while at work, only these units play one stream only: your custom Easy On Hold stream.