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USB-Pro Music On Hold Device Support

Video shows setup and operation of USB-Pro hold music player

Please note: this device has been discontinued. For new purchases, please view the 2-Channel Business Audio System.

The USB-Pro from Easy On Hold is a simple yet effective on hold music player. This video shows the unit being set up, then shows how to change the audio contents of the player.

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  • Onboard monitor speaker to check audio.
  • Uses.mp3 files, the most popular audio format in the world.
  • Includes 1GB flash memory drive. Holds 16+ hours of audio.
  • Unit will handle up to 4GB drive.
  • Continuous play when USB drive is inserted in slot.
  • Auto-reboot system will restart the audio in the event of a power failure.
  • RF-resistant aluminum case to withstand possible phone room signal interference.
  • 3 year warranty.
Quick Setup Guide
  • USB-Pro Quickstart Setup Guide shows 5 simple steps for plugging in your music on hold message player, as well as tips for changing the audio content callers hear when placed on hold.