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iProMOH Music-Message-On-Hold Device

Internet Connected Music On Hold Device

The iProMOH music on hold device from Interalia, offered by Easy On Hold, is a powerful and convenient way to turn your telephone hold button into a marketing tool. Details of how the unit works and how it is set up are shown in this video.



The iProMOH music on hold message player is an internet-connected audio device that makes frequent on hold message updates and multi-site message management easy.

Multiple location use

Use of this device at multiple locations offers universal control, and automation. The iProMOH message changes take place automatically, over the Internet and on a schedule that you decide. Hands-free updating means you won't be pulling employees off the job to change on-hold messages.

Single location use

Many Easy On Hold clients use the iProMOH for their one and only location, because they use the Anytime Plan which provides unlimited on hold message updates throughout the year. Quick updates means relevant, effective on hold messages.

Automatic scheduling

The iProMOH by Interalia is able to play scheduled announcements during a designated time of day or for a limited time (never play an out-of-date message again). Messages can be programmed weeks and months in advance.

Setup & Operation

The iProMOH installs with 2 simple connections: to your LAN with a standard ethernet cable, and to your phone system's MOH jack or punchdown block to feed audio into the telephone system. The iProMOH will discover an I.P. address on the network, or you can manually assign one. The unit calls out using port 80 (or other assignable port), so you won't need to worry about firewall settings or security issues.

Safe and secure operation on your network

The iProMOH uses a safe, secure connectivity procedure, and is in use at banks, universities, government institutions and other high-security settings. Easy On Hold programs your iProMOH to call out to the host server, then brings in audio to internal memory. Your network is never vulnerable. The iProMOH also supports proxy server.

Internet Connected

The iPromo connects to the Internet via your onsite network using port 80 or other designated port. Once connected to the Easy On Hold studio, each iProMOH receives any new audio or instructions. The process takes just seconds. Check-ins can be as frequent as once per hour.


Minimal technical support is typically necessary for installation of an iProMOH. Installation can take from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, depending on your network and phone room configurations.

DHCP or Static I.P.

Inform Easy On Hold of your choice of DHCP or static I.P. for each iProMOH. If port 80 access is available without assigning a unique I.P. to the iProMOH, installation takes just minutes. Once Internet access and power is provided, the iProMOH instantly connects to the Easy On Hold studios.

If your network administrator requires networked devices to use static I.P., Easy On Hold will ship each iProMOH with the proper settings programmed. Required information is:

  • Unit I.P.
  • Default Gateway
  • Network Mask
  • DNS Server 1
  • DNS Server 2

Quickstart Setup Guide

  • The iProMOH Quickstart Setup Guide shows 3 simple steps for plugging in your music on hold message player, including a description of status light indications and other tips.
  • Choose 1 or 2 unique output channels
  • 180 minutes recording time
  • Installs in 10 minutes to one hour
  • Ideal for frequently-changing messages
  • Ideal for multi-site businesses
  • Smoothly cross-fades music and messages
  • Internal mixer, BGM fader, timer
  • Internet upgradable firmware
  • Remote or local volume control
  • LED indicators
  • 10/100 Ethernet connectivity
  • Includes ethernet and audio cables
  • Wall mountable
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in the Canada
  • Maintains time/date back-up for 1 week without power
  • Automatically set via Easy On Hold studio
  • Reports for device status and message download completion
  • Local "push button" volume control adjusts both channel 1 and 2 outputs independently
  • Easy On Hold studio can remotely control output volume, bass or treble
  • Automatic downloads are done at programmed intervals by the iProMOH without user intervention
  • Pressing the up/down keys together for 3 seconds will connect back to the Easy On Hold studio (host) and initiate an immediate download
  • Downloads do not interfere with existing message playback
  • Up to 500 music and/or message productions can be blended (to a maximum of the total recording time per system)
  • FLASH memory retains messages if power fails, then automatically requests message updates from the host when the power returns
  • Messages can be downloaded to one or more iProMOHs days,weeks or even months in advance, then held until the appropriate date/time before automatically playing out
  • Music/message productions can have an individual start and end date/time
  • Single Channel iProMOH - one channel for output either 600 ohm (+5 dBm) or 8 ohm (1W, RMS)
  • Dual Channel iProMOH - two channels for output first channel 600 ohm (+5 dBm) or 8 ohm (1W, RMS) and second channel 600 ohm only (+5 dBm)
  • 48 VDC tolerant (no additional line protection hardware required)
  • Supports all MP3 file formats, WAV and OGG via iMCM software
  • Audio Playback = 48k samples/sec
  • All audio is automatically converted to OGG format (a royalty-free audio file compression method used by the iProMOH)
  • OGG Conversion Rate = 64 kbits/sec