Live Streaming Music And Messaging for Bicom Systems

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Bicom Systems

Bicom Systems 4.1+ URL for MOH

Bicom Systems partnered with Easy On Hold® to give users a more productive Music on Hold option, since version 4.1.

How It Works

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Bicom Systems Partners with Easy On Hold for More Productive MoH

PBXware users expect a level of quality that Bicom Systems has found with Easy On Hold. With more flexibility and ease-of-use, Easy On Hold does more for your company than other MoH providers.

Easy On Hold allows for more content that can be scheduled and rotated for a productive user experience. Users can include custom marketing messages to broadcast at given times to make the most of time spent on hold. Options include:

  • Custom recorded on-hold messages (in many languages)
  • Classic on-hold music with periodic generic announcements
  • Custom IVR greetings

PBXware 4.1+ accommodates the custom streaming URL provided through your Easy On Hold® account. Deployment is quick and as simple as copying and pasting. Log in to your Easy On Hold® to adjust content schedules and even prioritize on hold announcements more or less often over the stream. This new delivery system means an end to loading audio files that can become out-of-date.

The Easy On Hold stream is 128Kbps .mp3 (also available is popular music streams at 192Kbps) using little bandwidth while delivering a clear, professional sound.

Easy On Hold® music and voice services can be used with all editions of PBXware: Call Center, Multi-Tenant and Business.


All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold®. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.

Download the streaming MOH Technical Brief


  • Stream security, redundancy, management
  • Formats, sample rates, bandwidth
  • Port scheme
  • Live reporting features
  • Telephony platforms supported
  • New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
  • User portal
  • New 2-Channel streaming device
  • Why your business team will love streaming
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