Bicom Systems Streaming In Queue
and On Hold Music & Messages

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  • High-quality, live stream solution.
  • High availability, failover streams.
  • Scalable, multiple streams for unique caller profiles.
  • Bicom Partner Program available.
  • Fully supported Bicom integration.
Easy On Hold Streaming MOH (music on hold) Solution
easy on hold customer control panel on a tablet

Allow business and marketing teams to manage on hold music and messages remotely.

  • Stream content is managed from a personalized, user-friendly control panel. Multiple persons may have log in privileges.
  • Changes are heard immediately on the stream, or can be scheduled with custom start and stop dates.
  • Streaming audio content can be shared across multiple call groups, or uniquely assigned to each of many call groups (sales, support, regions, etc.).
  • Emergency messages can be quickly turned on (with automatic stop date) for a particular queue.

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including revenue sharing opportunities.

Bicom Systems 4.1+ URL for MOH

Bicom Systems partnered with Easy On Hold® to give users a more productive Music on Hold option, since version 4.1.

How It Works

Bicom could not have made it easier. Enter the URL provided by Easy On Hold.

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Learn about streaming queue music and messages (MOH) for Bicom Systems.