Mitel Streaming Queue Music

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  • Configured SIP extension.
  • Redundant, customized streams.
  • Content management portal.
  • Licensed music, including popular hits.
Easy On Hold Mitel Streaming MOH Solution
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Satisfy the demand to replace default music with an easily-managed audio content stream.

A Scalable, Proven Solution

The EOH streaming appliance, Streaming Queue Music™ (SQM)transcodes streams of audio into various formats, and is in use on a variety of platforms. The SQM solution is capable of providing MOH streams (from the cloud or as on on-premise appliance) to a registered SIP end-point.

To enable streaming audio to callers, the end-point must be configured as the MOH resource, to be used as a kind of “conference room” where calls hear the audio stream while waiting.

The Streaming Queue Music™ service establishes a unique connection to as many end-points as needed. Streaming audio content can be shared across multiple call groups, or uniquely assigned to each of many call groups (sales, support, regions, etc.). Hundreds of concurrently-held calls are supported for each stream instance.

Schedule a consultation with our engineering team.

Key questions our teams must discuss include:

  • The number of data centers to be used.
  • The number of call groups each needing a unique content stream.
  • The maximum number of concurrently-held calls in each call group.
  • Understanding capacity will determine whether our cloud solution or on-site appliance should be utilized.
  • Working MiVB with an available Enterprise IP User License to be assigned for this application is required.
  • Working Teleworker solution with available licenses to be assigned for this application is also required.

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Test the streaming queue music solution.