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Easy On Hold at Nextcon

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Nextiva Streaming MOH Platform

Customers often complain about the default music on hold (MOH) that comes on the Broadsoft platform:

  • The music track plays from the beginning every time a call is placed on hold.
  • The music track is short, due to limited file space dedicated to the MOH.
  • Changing the music track is possible, but it still plays from the beginning and is still too short.

Here is a simple solution to the Nextiva/Broadsoft music on hold problem.

Easy On Hold® has developed a live streaming music on hold platform that works with Nexitva/Broadsoft. It's a convenient, managed music and messaging on hold service that does not require loading files and also does not play from the beginning of a single piece of music. In fact, this live stream is an unlimited source of music.

Your customers log in to a personalized online dashboard to request, approve and schedule music and messages. Callers receive a customized experience that builds loyalty to your customer's brand.

Customers can choose music or voiced messages. Voiced messages are presented as individual topics, each about 40 seconds in length. Each topic can be programmed with start and stop dates and times. The stream plays continuously, randomizing topic playback, treating callers to fresh audio every time they are placed on hold.

Easy On Hold® is looking for Nextiva users interested in beta testing streaming MOH.

Nextiva Streaming MOH Features

Log In To Request Content

User (marketing/manager/owner)logs in to request the creation of one or more "topics". A topic is a 20 to 30 second long voiced recording. Typically, unique music enhances each topic.

Custom Audio Topics

The Easy On Hold® studio produces the topic audio in 3 days or less. Upon approval, the audio is scheduled to play (in a randomized fashion, so callers can't predict what's coming next).

Schedule Topics

A topic can be scheduled to play at a certain time, day or duration of days and times. This allows "good morning" or special day-of-week announcements, which impress callers.

Set Priorities

When you have a topic that's time-sensitive or something you want all callers to hear, use our priority settings to make that topic play more often.


The EOH portal will allow users to monitor the audio callers are hearing. Data is collected to aid in setup and troubleshooting. Streams complete self-checks.

Redundant Architecture

The EOH Gateway Server receives the URL request and locates the client stream. In the unlikely event the client stream is unavailable, a substitute music stream is automatically provided.

Low Bandwidth

Bandwidth consumption is just 0.025 GB/hr. for the mono 128kbps stream.

No Maintenance

Once installed, the URL does not change. No further maintenance is required.

Nextiva/Broadsoft Integration Notes

  • You can now mount a SIP stream for MOH in the Broadsoft Nextiva environment, directly from the EOH Cloud.
  • Nextiva separates INTERNAL and EXTERNAL music on hold. Two streams are required for users desiring MOH to be heard for both internal calls (extension-to-extension) and external calls (incoming/outgoing outside of platform).
  • SIP streaming MOH requires Enterprise Access. For most users, this will require calling into support to configure. Typically, Nextiva does not allow customers to make configuration changes.
  • EOH will need the SIP domain name (i.e., and proxy server if they are using one.
  • EOH will work with Nextiva support to get Sip Username.

All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold®. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.