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The enhanced music and message on hold experience for Nextiva

Offer streaming music and messages on hold from Easy On Hold®. Your clients want something more than default music and short, repetitive files. With custom scheduling, announcements are never out of date.

Contact us to receive a no-obligation consultation about using a live stream for MOH in your Nextiva platform.

Position your company as a technology leader. Files have been around since the 1980s. Today, streaming is the norm for audio delivery. Easy On Hold® streaming MOH is a proven technology, tested and approved by Nextiva.

Stop loading files. Set up your client’s stream once and you’re done. Clients control stream content in their Easy On Hold® portal. You no longer are responsible for the MOH.

Earn handsome referral fees for introducing Easy On Hold® to your clientele.

The problem with "default" music

Callers complain that the default "song" plays from the beginning every time they are placed on hold. The music isn't that good anyway and does nothing to enhance the brand experience.

Users find it inconvenient to change the audio on a regular basis, however, so the hold experience is sub-standard.

The new streaming hold music solution

Easy On Hold® has developed a live streaming platform that easily adapts to Nextiva installations. Users are able to log in to a convenient dashboard to select music and messages. Each piece of audio uses start and stop dates and times for complete automation. The stream plays continuously, so callers are treated to fresh audio every time they are placed on hold. Marketing managers are talking to a purely receptive audience with time-sensitive announcements.

How It Works

Request a SIP source code from Easy On Hold®. The source behaves like an "extention" that calls connect to when they are in the "hold" or "park" state. The connection is released as the call is resumed. Our unique cloud-based platform makes it simple to install. The code does not change; users control all content via the secure client dashboard.

Automation for streaming messages on hold

You don't want the hassle of constantly updating the messages on hold. Live streaming solves the problem with up-to-the-minute programming changes, made automatically.

Using a proprietary code, the Easy On Hold® studio creates unique "Announcement DNA" for each topic or spot, delivering a customized caller experience unlike any other.

Month-Specific Announcements: Monthly specials and seasonal updates are programmed to start and stop on specific days. The script can say, "this month only...".

Week-Specific Announcements: Short-term announcements such as holiday closings, special events and deadline offers receive specific "broadcast" days. Scheduling start and stop dates means callers never hear out-of-date announcements.

Day-Specific Announcements: Announcements can play on specific days of the week, every week or for as many weeks as needed. For example, a car dealer with extended hours on Wednesday will announce, "We're open until 8pm tomorrow," but only on Tuesdays.

Time-Of-Day-Specific Announcements: When customers visit a business, they like to be greeted with a friendly, smiling, "good morning" or "good afternoon". You can do that with Easy On Hold streaming service. A restaurant owner, for example, can talk about lunch specials all morning, then dinner specials all afternoon.


All music on hold must be properly licensed, either through the appropriate Performing Rights Organization in your country, or a licensed provider, such as Easy On Hold®. Beware of your licensing liabilities before putting music on hold.