Discover Streaming MOH: Get The Technical Guide

image of cover of the report, Streaming MOH
  • Stream security, redundancy, management
  • Formats, sample rates, bandwidth
  • Port scheme
  • Live reporting features
  • Telephony platforms supported
  • New streaming formats, including HLS and rtp
  • User portal
  • New 2-Channel streaming device
  • Why your business team will love streaming

Easy On Hold® streaming solution specifications


http or https .mp3

HLS available upon request

rtp available from on-prem device

PCM for Cisco VVB available upon request from cloud or on-prem


Custom message on hold content created by Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Third party content can be hosted Easy On Hold® at 128Kbps mono

Hit music by popular artists (powered by Brandi Music) at 192Kbps mono or stereo