Vodia Streaming In Queue
and On Hold Music & Messages

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  • High-quality, live stream solution.
  • High availability, failover streams.
  • Scalable, multiple streams for unique caller profiles.
  • Fully supported Vodia integration.
Easy On Hold Vodia Streaming MOH Solution
easy on hold customer control panel on a tablet

Vodia Streaming Queue Audio

Marketing Teams Control Content on Easy On Hold Cloud Portal

The EOH streaming appliance, Streaming Queue Music™ (SQM)transcodes streams of audio directly into Vodia platforms. Customers control stream content from a personalized control panel. Changes are heard immediately on the stream, or can be scheduled with custom start and stop dates.

Streaming audio content can be shared across multiple call groups, or uniquely assigned to each of many call groups (sales, support, regions, etc.).

Emergency messages can be quickly turned on (with automatic stop date) for a particular queue.

Schedule a consultation with our engineering team.

Key questions our teams must discuss include:

  • The number of call groups each needing a unique content stream.
  • Types of communications needed for each group.
  • Number of agents or end-points.
  • Proof of Concept Test Streams are available.

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Test the streaming queue music solution.