Custom streaming hold music for your small business:

VTech + Easy On Hold®

If you have a small business and would like to give callers the impression of profesionallism, this setup might be perfect for your office. The VTech 4-Line Small Business System Main Console (CM18445), works with the Easy On Hold® 2 Channel Business Audio System, allowing streaming music and messages on hold that sound just like a major call center

This VTech phone has a place to plug in our message on hold player device, so callers will hear your messages while they wait on hold.

Vtech phone system with streaming music on hold device
VTech phone for small business

VTech CM18445 Important Information

The model CM18445 Main Console is the only phone from VTech with the music on hold input and capabilities. Phone lines plug into this phone in addition to the music on hold audio device.

The CM18445 will work with other phones in the same "family": CM18245 Cordless Extension Desk Phone and the CM18045 Cordless Extension Handset.(Extensions require the CM18445 Main Console in order to operate.)

These phones can be purchased from the VTech website. TIP: Call the VTech support line at (800) 595-9511 and listen to the automated answering announcements. You will receive a discount code to use when checking out at

What's different about 2-to-4-line phones?

If you purchased your phones in an office supply store or appliance store, they likely are not able to use music on hold. There is no place for the audio to plug in to the phone and there's no "brain" in the phone to tell it when to play music on hold. These phones use a "plain ol' phone line" or land-line and can handle either 1, 2 or 4 lines. Panasonic, RCA, AT&T.


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user guide booklet for music on hold service streaming player device.

Music On Hold Device

Our new music on hold device opens up a world of live streaming audio and USB audio for your business phone on hold and overhead music systems. This device is built with network security and maximum uptime features.

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Easy To Install

Connect to your internet router (or use the built-in wifi) and connect the audio output to your audio or phone system. Use optional volume control on the device.

This professional-grade audio player device is compatible with most phone systems. The output is ideal for the connection required by your phone system. The audio cable (included) connects to your phone system's MOH input. An audio adapter plug is included for systems using alternative connections.
You'll hear full quality sound from the internal audio processors.

Recommended: use a “guest” network or DMZ to simplify network settings.

Hold Music Player USB Drive Operation

The Business Audio System makes a great message on hold player without network connectivity. Audio from a USB drive plays continuously.