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Music On Hold Streaming Messages

The end of boring messages on hold.

What is streaming music on hold messaging?

It's a live streaming custom music on hold channel (similar to services like Pandora and Netflix), exclusively for your business with custom messages for your callers. More

It's all about a better customer experience.

Individual 30 to 60 second voiced topics (announcements), each with its own unique music background. No more boring, repetitive "loop".

Play the right messages at the right time.

Topics play at specific times and on specific dates as needed, thanks to "Announcement DNA" built into each announcement. Say goodbye to outdated content being heard by your callers. More

How does it work with PBX or I.P. PBX phone systems?

Your on site phone system with MOH input works with streaming! We supply a free streaming receiver (external MOH device) that connects to your phone system. More

How does it work with off site or hosted VOIP phone servies?

Compatible with Asterisk, OnSIP, Fortinet, iPitomy, Bicom Systems and FreePBX (no equipment needed). More

How is the streaming on hold message content controlled?

In just a few moments, you can log in to your streaming control panel and set announcements to play on specific dates or days of the week.

A Better On Hold Experience

Easy On Hold's new streaming system does away with the traditional practice of voice blurbs interrupting a repeating background track. The new streaming system manages hand-crafted 30 to 60 second promotional spots, with a mix of voice and music, each focused on presenting an influential idea or message to callers on hold.

With music constantly changing and timely topics blending in at just the right times, the new Easy On Hold streaming system provides a fresh sound callers find more appealing than the common on-hold audio loop.

For On-Site PBX Phone Systems

2-channel business audio system for music on hold messages

An on-site PBX system is a network of wires and hardware typically located in a “phone room” within your business facility. Examples include Nortel, Avaya, MiTel, ShoreTel, and a number of new on-site VOIP systems, such as Asterisk, Allworx, X-Blue and others. For these systems, on hold audio is connected into the phone system on-site, using a dedicated hold music player (also called external MOH device). Easy On Hold offers live streaming on hold service for on-site PBX systems with the use of the new 2-Channel Business Audio System by Easy On Hold.

The new 2-Channel Business Audio System by Easy On Hold® streaming music on hold player is a dependable and flexible solution for businesses with phone systems that are on-site and require a music on hold source device. Using a wired or wireless internet connection, the streaming player receives only the specific user’s message on hold stream.

Streaming Music On Hold Player Features

  • 2 independent audio channels
  • Info screen shows all data on player, stream and content
  • Easy access volume knob
  • Convenient mounting system (optional, included)
  • RCA type and 3.5mm output connectors provide audio to your phone system
  • Output can be 8-ohms or 600-ohms (line level or speaker level)
  • Connects via Wired Ethernet (RJ45) or Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Connection
  • Restarts automatically in the event of a power disruption
  • External audio from attached USB drive can serve as backkup, or use built-in audio files play as backup if internet unavailable
  • Built-in monitor speaker (switch on/off)
  • Can be remotely updated for new firmware and features
  • Engineered, Designed and Built in Michigan, USA
  • Can be purchased with 5-year warranty or use as part of streaming service without needing to purchase

For Off-Site Hosted IP Phone Systems

Off-site phone systems go by many names, including cloud-based, hosted IP, IP-PBX, hosted VOIP. These systems are operated and maintained by a service provider. Examples include Genesys Pure Cloud, Vonage for Business, Mitel MiCloud Business, 8 X 8 and Ring Central. Using the internet, phones in your office connect to the service, which is configured to use your phone numbers. Hosted PBX systems typically offer large-system functionality at a much lower cost. Unfortunately, most providers do not have a workable music on hold feature. Talk to your Easy On Hold® Music On Hold Expert for suggested solutions.

With a few exceptions, almost all off-site VOIP providers require sending audio files to a phone technician for uploading, or require the user to load files. Of course, you don't need another job task, so most off-site VOIP customers are playing out-of-date or completely generic message on hold content, wasting an excellent opportunity to connect with callers while they wait.

Easy To Use Scheduling Means No More Out Of Date Messages

When callers respond to your marketing efforts, they call. When callers hear one more reminder about your current promotion, you'll have completed the marketing circle. Why don't more businesses do this? Because they don't want the hassle of constantly updating the messages on hold. Live streaming solves the problem with up-to-the-minute programming changes, made automatically by Easy On Hold's highly sophisticated scheduling capabilities.

Using a proprietary code, the Easy On Hold studio creates unique "Announcement DNA" for each topic or spot, delivering a customized caller experience unlike any other.

Month-Specific Announcements: Monthly specials and seasonal updates are programmed to start and stop on specific days.

Week-Specific Announcements: Short-term announcements such as holiday closings, special events and deadline offers receive specific "broadcast" days. You don't play out-of-date announcements.

Day-Specific Announcements: Announcements can play on specific days of the week, every week or for as many weeks as needed. For example, a car dealer with extended hours on Wednesday will announce, "We're open until 8pm tomorrow," but only on Tuesdays.

Time-Of-Day-Specific Announcements: When customers visit your business, you like to greet them with a friendly, smiling, "good morning" or "good afternoon". You can do that with Easy On Hold streaming service. If you're a restaurant owner, you'd like to talk about lunch specials all morning, then dinner specials all afternoon. Streaming messages on hold does that, too.

All of this can be programmed, in addition to those meaty, confidence and image-building announcements that establish your brand and improve customer relationships.

Program Updates Made Easy

Any topic or spot can be stopped, replaced or rescheduled on the fly, without disturbing any of the other content. To initiate content changes, just log in to your own "Administrative" page at You completely control the topics callers hear. Scripts are written by experienced experts who know how to write for the ear. Your approval is requested via email. Just log in and say, "OK" or ask for further changes. You'll hear the final audio online, too, and after approval, your new content goes live. Turnaround time for scripts and production is always 3 business days. Need to monitor the content to make sure it’s what you like? It’s on your client admin page.

Live streaming messages on hold create convenience, sound amazingly better than other types of on hold systems and add a powerful punch to your marketing efforts.

Streaming on hold is the latest leap forward in music and message on hold delivery. For a brief history of music and message on hold, visit the article on our blog.