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Holiday music on hold listener on phone

Holiday and Christmas Music On Hold

  • Legal: All licenses paid.
  • 11 Categories of Christmas Holiday music on hold.
  • Year-end announcements; Holiday greetings.
  • Option: Brandi Music plays your favorite artists.
  • For phone on hold and in your business.

Easy On Hold Holiday Music   Brandi Music For Business

Professional Services For Call Centers
(and any business that needs to make a good impression)

  Business Voice Greetings

  • 48 languages and dailects.
  • For IVR, Voice Mail, Greetings, Prompts
  • For Messages On Hold, Videos, Training
  • Translation services available.
  • Audition voices, choose favorites.
  • Affordable flat-rate pricing.


  Hold Messages: Streaming/Files

  • Individual topics voiced by real people.
  • Custom schedules for maximum marketing impact.
  • Scripting service and templates make it easy.
  • Choose live stream or .wav, .mp3 or other file format.
  • On-site PBX, IP-PBX, Off-site VoIP compatible.
  • Ready for approval in 3 days or less


Brandi Music For Business Logo  Brandi Music For Business

  • Your favorite artists, streaming live.
  • 60+ family-friendly channels.
  • Change music throughout day, automatically.
  • Block/unblock songs and artists.
  • Tamper-proof business music service.
  • Restaurant music, holiday music, more.


  Logo Radio On Hold

  • Hit music by major artists.
  • Customized "Station ID" style announcements.
  • Ideal for call centers & longer hold times.
  • Live streaming delivery.
  • Strong brandi identity tool.
  • Fresh, new idea in on hold music.


Message On Hold Marketing Case Studies


dentist office on holdmusic

"We were very impressed with the script. I wish every group of people we did business with was as talented, efficient and pleasant as the Easy On Hold® team."

— Dr. Ben Balevi, Eastview Dental, Ontario CA

whitening options • Hidden Braces®, Invisalign®, aesthetic brackets • social media • children's dentistry • cosmetic dentistry.


vet pet hospital uses on hold messages

"We are very happy with Easy On Hold®! They worked with us to make our on hold message personal and informative. We would definitely recommend them."

— North Boros Veterinary Hospital

parasite prevention • boarding services • acupuncture • nutrition • emergencies • dental care • website and social media.

Credit Union

credit union exterior where on hold messages are in use

"We have seen loan volume increase threefold since adding Easy On Hold®."

— Brad Warner, Fairless Credit Union, Fairless Hills, PA

home equity loans • auto loans • member loyalty programs • youth accounts • online banking • secure and trustworthy • upcoming events.


healthcare: Easy On Hold phone messages customer NYU Langone Medical Center

"Excellent, EASY and effortless. I would recommend this service to everyone!"

— Jen Miranda, Ardor Health Solutions, Coral Springs, FL

prepare patients prior to their visit • hours, parking, location • patient comfort • meet the doctors • special services • healthy living tips.

What's really different about Easy On Hold? A lot!

Custom on hold announcements make small companies sound big and bigger companies sound friendly.

Streaming On Hold Features

  • Instant Updates. Need to make a change? New audio becomes available immediately. No waiting.
  • Easy Control Across All Locations. Streaming on hold messaging is especially useful for businesses that manage multiple locations. Our customers include call centers and contact centers, John Deere dealer groups, credit unions, financial institutions, educational campuses and many other industries in need of centralized control of the phone on hold audio.
  • Priority Messages. Are all of the topics in your on hold message rotation equally important? Of course not. An upcoming event, a limited-time offer or new feature announcement deserves to be heard more often. Our exclusive priority scheduling feature assigns each topic a value that makes it play more or less often than others. Brilliant!
  • Automated Scheduling. With streaming on hold programming, each individual topic can be set to start and stop as needed. Set the month, week, day or even the time of day for each message. "Good morning" and "good afternoon" greetings are very friendly and impressive to callers.

Music In My Business

What your visitors hear while in your space "says a lot about you".
  • Be Unique. With 60+ channels (genres), and the ability to blend channels, Brandi lets you create your own special music mix. Music creates brand identity (that's why we call it Brandi). It provides personality and style for about a dollar a day.
  • Music Performance Licensing Paid. If you're using a personal service such as internet radio, Pandora, etc., without paying license fees to ASCAP, BMI, Global Music Rights, SESAC or in Canada, SOCAN, then you're in violation that can really cost you. Fines run up to $30,000 per song infringed (used illegally). Let us provide all of the music licensing you need, at a lower cost than doing it yourself.
  • Avoid Profanity. Most satellite and internet stations play offensive content that can be a big turn-off to your visitors. Brandi filters out strong language and inappropriate lyrics.
  • Avoid Commercials For Other Businesses. You have likely been in a restaurant that plays Sirius XM Radio with commercials and promotional interruptions. Perhaps you've heard Pandora in a business, complete with advertisements. You can do better. Choose a music-only option from Brandi, or add custom announcements for your business.
  • Business Music On Hold? Yes, you can use our Brandi Music service on hold as well as in your space. The costs are very minimal.
Business Music Service - Legal Music For Businsss

Since choosing to work with Easy On Hold®, we have had such a smooth experience. No matter what our question or concern is, we always get assistance—and with urgency. They also developed a new online creative content manager that's very easy to use and makes creating each message very straightforward. We are very happy with the entire program and Easy On Hold team! We would recommend them to any business.”

Nicole Glisczinski

john deere dealer that uses Easy On Hold messages

Agriculture & Turf

parts department promotions • limited-time financing • holiday music • get ready for winter, spring • Deere Season.

"Everyone we work with is very nice and very helpful! All of our on hold messages were ready very quickly! Great company to work with!"

— Amanda Hadley, Coastal Equipment, Virginia Beach, VA
two lovely senior ladies at assisted living facility that uses Easy On Hold messages

Assisted Living

facility features and comforts • medical care levels, nursing, therapy • quality of care • social and community events.

"Easy On Hold® is one of the best values we can recommend. The process is simple, music and vocal choices are excellent and their customer service is second to none."

— Liz Countess, Practice Marketing Specialists, Inc.
big truck moving down the highway


driver excellence • dedicated logistics offers • warehouse • certifications • safety • drivers wanted.

Our customers stay informed and entertained when on hold. I would definitely recommend Easy On Hold® to everyone."

— Tami Phelps, Commercial Truck Co., Salinas, CA
young girl with braces smiles because she has nice braces from the Orthodontist


Incognito Hidden Braces® • Invisalign® • start treatment at the right time • contests, patient events and marketing events • website and social media.

"The customer support is excellent. I enjoyed working with your company."

— Lauren Kendall, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Denver CO