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The Best Custom On Hold Music Message Service

Julie Swenson, WESTconsin Credit Union

Great Support

"The flexibility is amazing. Our old method created a lot of extra work for our IT department. Easy On Hold® is saving us a lot of time."
 — Julie Swenson, Digital Marketing Coordinator, Westconsin Credit Union

Amanda Hadley, Coast Equipment Corp.

Easy To Set Up

“The staff is wonderful, they take our marketing goals and capture them in a beautiful sounding script. The ease of creating great sounding content plus the user-friendly content manager makes the entire process a breeze.”
 — Amanda Hadley, Coastal Equipment Corp.

JJoe Prazak, Engineer

Easy To Set Up & Use

"I am extremely happy with the service I received from Easy on Hold, they made the entire process very easy. The deliverable was very impressive in content and quality. I will continue using them for on hold messages".
 — Joe Prazak Solutions Engineer for Diversified Business Solutions


What is hold music (music on hold)?

Music On Hold is music business callers hear while they wait, either while being trasferred to an extension, or if the hold button is pressed during a call. Hold music serves the purpose of indicating to the caller that they are still connected to the call. It also can help a business identify and promote itself by choosing music that reinforces the brand image. Hold music is typically installed into or connected to the phone system by a company's technology team, however the marketing team should be involved in choosing what callers hear while waiting on hold.

Does hold music need to be licensed?

A common misunderstanding is that music purchased for personal use may be played over a phone system as music-on-hold. Any and all music used on a phone system or in a call center must be properly licensed through the performance rights organization that controls each song. Beware of royalty free music, which often does not cover ongoing, necessary performance licenses.

What kind of music is available for phone-on-hold?

  • Easy On Hold® offers the world's largest hold music library, some 100,000 songs covering every style and genre.
  • If you want your callers to hear hit music by popular artists, ask about the Easy On Hold® streaming business music service. There are 70 channels of music from every era that can even be custom-blended to fit your brand identity
  • For world-wide use, we feature Global Hold Music. This hold music is licesned for use outside of the US and Canada.
  • For November through December, choose your favorite holiday and Christmas tunes.


What are telephone messages on hold?

The term messages on hold refers to recorded voice announcements business callers hear while waiting for the other party to pick up the call. These recordings should not be confused with automated attendant or IVR announcements, which present options to transfer the call to various extensions. Messages on hold serve a variety of purposes:

  • Educate callers about the company, services or products
  • Promote offers and products
  • Build the company image
  • Retain the call/reduce call abandonment
  • Reduce call agent interactivity by answering frequently asked questions

What message on hold scripts work best?

Always start by understanding your audience. What interests them? Why are they calling? The best on hold message scripts anticipate the caller's needs and address them head-on (without much added flair). Authors of the book Maxi Marketing (Rapp & Collins) discovered that 88% of business callers prefer information while waiting on hold.

What makes callers hang up?

It is important to avoid phrases that remind callers they have to continue to wait. The 2015 Arizona State University W.P. Carey School of Business Customer Rage Survey found that the number one thing people don’t want to hear when they call customer service is, “Your call is important to us, please continue to hold.”

A report by the American Psychological Association (May 2007) concluded that phrases such as “thank you for holding,” or “we apologize for the wait” have little effect on hold times. Use hold time for high-value content.

Why does Easy On Hold® recommend live streaming on hold messages?

When is the last time you changed your on hold messages? Instead of worrying about changing the hold messages, companies have opted for generic content, which is a waste of time and money. People don't respond to generic content. They want relevance.

The old method of one long audio file playing one boring piece of music interrupted by messages (in the same order every time) has become a clichê. Streaming automates everything for you:

  • Secure log-in to control content; changes are heard immediately.
  • Individual topics know when to play. You'll never play an out-of-date message.
  • You can say, "good morning" and schedule messages based on the time of day, day of the week, etc. This creates the "wow factor".
  • Hands-free. Never handle files or involve the IT team again.

What makes Easy On Hold® your best choice?

Professional Creative Content

You can be as involved in the content creation process as you care to be. We offer scripting service by writers who know how to "write for the ear". Our music library is the largest in the world, properly licensed for your use.

Fast 3-Day Turnaround

We understand tight deadlines. 3 days on scripts and audio.

Text and Email Alerts

Get automated texts and emails to let you know your new scripts and audio are ready. You'll also be notified when your current content is nearing its end-date.

Streaming Technology

We'll ask you about your phone system. You may be able to use live messages on hold streaming, which opens up a world of time-saving conveniences and a much better experience for your callers.

Full Time Support

We provide the technology and the technical support team you need. We have extensive experience with phone systems of every size and type, including call center platforms by Avaya, Genesis and Cisco.

Easy Online Content Management

Your Creative Content Manager login allows you to quickly formulate and request new hold messages. Choose music, request collaboration from our professional scriptwriters, set start and stop dates and much more. We really do make it easy.

Helpful Script Templates

When you need some inspiration for fresh new messages on hold, just access script templates built into your Creative Content Manager. With a little customization, you'll sound great while saving time.


"I'm a call center tech in search of music and/or voice options."

Streaming audio, off or on prem.


"We want our hold music to sound better on mobile phones."

A new idea for curing garble.


"Our message on hold plays from the beginning every time. Can you fix that?"

There's a better way.

Recommended by Equipment Dealers Across North America

Since choosing to work with Easy On Hold, we have had such a smooth experience. No matter what our question or concern is, we always get assistance, and with urgency. They also developed a new online creative content manager that's very easy to use and makes creating each message very straightforward. We are very happy with the entire program and Easy On Hold team! We would recommend them to any business.”
riesterer and schnell, inc. easy on hold messages Nicole Glisczinski RIESTERER & SCHNELL, INC.

Streaming music for business.

Easy On Hold® offers 70 streaming music channels. Blend up to 4 channels for your own unique sound. Licensed for your store, restaurant, lobby or office.

  • Create your own mix to elevate your brand.
  • Profanity Free
  • Trusted by Major Brands
  • Includes Public Licensing in US/Canada
  • A Soundtrack for your brand
  • Set up schedules for different mixes
  • Announcements Available
brandi music is a music for business service from easy on hold

Voices For Your Multinational Organziation

Call center queues require professional IVR voices. Our global talents record studio-quality prompts and narrations in any language.

  48 languages & dialects

  Fast, accurate translations

Message On Hold Marketing Case Studies

Ideas for your messages on hold.

smiling child, at dentist office with on hold music and licensed business background music

"We were very impressed with the script. I wish every group of people we did business with was as talented, efficient and pleasant as the Easy On Hold® team."

— Dr. Ben Balevi, Eastview Dental, Ontario CA

whitening options • Hidden Braces®, Invisalign®, aesthetic brackets • social media • children's dentistry • cosmetic dentistry.

vet pet hospital dog uses on hold messages

"We are very happy with Easy On Hold®! They worked with us to make our on hold message personal and informative. We would definitely recommend them."

— North Boros Veterinary Hospital

parasite prevention • boarding services • acupuncture • nutrition • emergencies • dental care • website and social media.

Credit Union
credit union exterior where on hold messages are in use

"We have seen loan volume increase threefold since adding Easy On Hold®."

— Brad Warner, Fairless Credit Union, Fairless Hills, PA

home equity loans • auto loans • member loyalty programs • youth accounts • online banking • secure and trustworthy • upcoming events.

healthcare: Easy On Hold phone messages customer NYU Langone Medical Center

"Excellent, EASY and effortless. I would recommend this service to everyone!"

— Jen Miranda, Ardor Health Solutions, Coral Springs, FL

prepare patients prior to their visit • hours, parking, location • patient comfort • meet the doctors • special services • healthy living tips.

Agriculture & Turf
john deere dealer that uses Easy On Hold messages

parts department promotions • limited-time financing • holiday music • get ready for winter, spring • Deere Season.

"Everyone we work with is very nice and very helpful! All of our on hold messages were ready very quickly! Great company to work with!"

— Amanda Hadley, Coastal Equipment, Virginia Beach, VA
Assisted Living
lovely senior lady at assisted living facility that uses Easy On Hold messages

facility features and comforts • medical care levels, nursing, therapy • quality of care • social and community events.

"Easy On Hold® is one of the best values we can recommend. The process is simple, music and vocal choices are excellent and their customer service is second to none."

— Liz Countess, Practice Marketing Specialists, Inc.
big truck moving down the highway

driver excellence • dedicated logistics offers • warehouse • certifications • safety • drivers wanted.

Our customers stay informed and entertained when on hold. I would definitely recommend Easy On Hold® to everyone."

— Tami Phelps, Commercial Truck Co., Salinas, CA
young girl with friends who smile because she saw the Orthodontist

Incognito Hidden Braces® • Invisalign® • start treatment at the right time • contests, patient events and marketing events • website and social media.

"The customer support is excellent. I enjoyed working with your company."

— Lauren Kendall, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics, Denver CO